Release of JFK Documents / Pandemic Dreams

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Release of JFK Documents / Pandemic Dreams

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Legal analyst Mark Shaw is an investigative reporter and author of 25 books. In the first half, he discussed the just-released formerly classified batch of JFK assassination documents, and the connections he made with his previous research and theories. He does not agree with some of the experts who called the 1500 page document release "minimal and worthless." Despite about a third of the pages being labeled as missing or redacted, Shaw uncovered information he considers significant. For instance, there is a 3/25/1974 CIA document linking Robert Kennedy, Sam Giancana, and Johnny Roselli regarding an attempt to "quash" a Grand Jury organized crime indictment against Giancana and thus "forestall public disclosure of Roselli's association with the US government." Shaw contends that if Bobby Kennedy had been prosecuted for Marilyn Monroe's death in 1962, there would have been no JFK assassination in '63, as the Mob wanted Bobby made powerless.

Lee Harvey Oswald's address book was included in the document release, and the CIA agent who signed the document on 4/17/1975 was James Angleton. Angleton signed a CIA document Shaw previously researched that connects Dorothy Kilgallen, JFK, and Marilyn and exposes Marilyn and RFK's love affair and her threat to go to the media and reveal what she learned from the Kennedys. Shaw also talked about the 1964 murder of Mary Pinchot Meyer, a mistress of JFK, and how Angleton allegedly had possession of her diary but burned it.


In the latter half, author, hypnotherapist, and founder of Dream-Life Coach Training, Kelly Sullivan Walden, spoke about how the pandemic has changed our dreams, and shared common pandemic dream themes and nightmares. COVID-related dreams include stories about being infected, bugs of all sorts, being chased, and trying to avoid getting too close to people. Some of these seem to be adaptive dreams in that they're trying to help us adjust to the difficult pandemic circumstances, she suggested. Because more people are working from home, they seem to be remembering their dreams with greater frequency, as they have more of an opportunity to sleep in or sleep longer, she noted.

Walden views nightmares in a positive light, as they can highlight problems we need to address in our waking lives. A literal example of this was when a woman awakened from a nightmare of being choked, and discovered that she had sleep apnea that was interfering with her breathing. Walden recommends treating a nightmare like an unfinished dream that you can go back into and complete in a way that gives you your power back. She also talked about different categories of dreams, including rehearsal dreams, aspirational dreams like flying, precognitive dreams, communing with the deceased, and lucid dreaming. For more, check out her 'Born to Fly' video, and her 7-week course on the 'awakened dreamer' starting in January.

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