Angel Interventions & Religious Miracles

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Angel Interventions & Religious Miracles

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In the first half of the live Christmas Eve show, longtime Cleveland morning drive radio host and podcaster Trapper Jack shared stories of Christmas miracles, angelic interventions, and amazing synchronicities and coincidences. Several of the accounts he cited involved unlikely escapes from harm on the highway. In one such instance, a trucker who found his steering wheel to be inoperable suddenly regained control of his rig after a small car passed him in another lane. Another account involved a man who survived a carjacking attempt when the bullet fired by his would-be attacker ricocheted off his car's window and left him unharmed.

Jack also related his own encounter with the miraculous during a viewing with his wife of the Will Ferrell film Elf. After realizing that the movie seemed to run short, the couple reviewed each scene. To their surprise, Jack claimed, every mention of a book being published—which occurs several times throughout the movie—was missing. This was a sign from God, they knew, that a book was missing from Jack's life, which he needed to write.


In hour 3, Catholic researcher Kristen Van Uden discussed the work of Italian cardiologist Franco Serafini that documents more recent miracles. Van Uden explained that Serafini, who needed a spokesperson in the United States, chose her to spread the word of his research into eucharistic miracles. In each case of these miracles, she claimed, hosts used during communion were discovered to have been transformed into living heart tissue. According to Serafini, the fact that the DNA found in the tissue was not complete enough to create a viable profile could be an instance of God hiding himself, or that, as the DNA of Jesus Christ, it would be "glorified" and not measurable by human technology. Although they've been submitted to the Catholic Church for recognition as genuine miracles, most of the cases studied by Serafini are still awaiting examination by the Vatican. Van Uden also said Serafini's claims have survived the scrutiny of skeptics as well as that of mainstream scientists.

In the show's final hour, listeners called in with their own thoughts on Christmas and miracles. A caller in Minnesota described her trip to Italy with the hope of seeing Padre Pio, a priest known for exhibiting stigmata. In the spirit of Christ's birth, a North Dakota man wondered what God wanted him to do with his life, and shared his belief that it was for him to prove that God exists. And a listener in California told the story of a mysterious illness that lasted seven days, which her doctor could not explain.

George Noory concluded the program by playing a recording of Lee Allan reading "Letter from Michael," the story of a Marine's encounter with an angel who saves his life in the Korean War.

News segment guests: Neil Saavedra, Telana Mushlin, Kevin Randle

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