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Harry S. Dent, Jr., has an MBA from Harvard, and is the founder of Dent Research, which publishes several financial newsletters. In the first half, he shared his contention that we're in a huge financial bubble, and that stocks are due for an enormous crash. The 2008 downturn was the worst since the 1929 crash, but the bubble we're in now is far bigger than previous ones, as during the pandemic, the government injected some $5 trillion into the economy, he lamented. This policy has "created the biggest financial asset bubble in history," particularly for stocks, he continued. Dent believes the bubble will burst in 2022, with stocks' worth initially dropping some 50% and eventually reaching a bottom within 2-3 years, when they will have lost 87% of their value.

At this time, he recommends investing in the safest long-term bonds, such as the 10 and 30-year treasury bonds, and Triple-A corporate bonds. Gold is also a solid long-term investment, he said. Real estate too is in a major bubble, Dent added, with the countries of China and Australia especially affected. The real estate bubble crash will be worse than in 2008, he continued, and China may never recover from it. After these crashes, Dent predicts that India, with its large population, will offer real growth possibilities. He also considers cryptocurrency to be in a massive bubble that's ready to pop, though he does think that the blockchain technology that underpins it has a genuine future in the world of finance.


John Lamb Lash is a comparative mythologist known for his groundbreaking work on gnosticism and shamanism. In the latter half, he discussed the updated 15th-anniversary edition of his classic book on gnostic vision, "Not in His Image." He was critical of Christian narratives about the savior, the last judgment, and the "Abrahamic" religions, including Judaism and Islam. Lash believes a divine or supernatural presence lives in the Earth (or Gaia) and is actually dreaming us into existence. "We are participants in her dream...but you are not the dreamer," he explained.

According to a rare gnostic text discovered in Ethiopia regarding the aftlerlife, there is a "Treasury of the Light," which is a vast repository containing the life force and memories of the departed, he detailed. The text describes the handlers of this Treasury as "paralemptors" (Lash compared them to paramedics) who help recycle components of the soul. He also spoke about the archons, who could be thought of as alien mind viruses that have penetrated or hacked into the human mind. Lash suggested that the archons have an evil agenda, which they enact through the humans they control. Ultimately, they seek to ensnare humanity through transhumanism and AI, he warned.

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