2022 Numerology / Dreams & the HU Technique

2022 Numerology / Dreams & the HU Technique


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsGlynis McCants, Dr. Nicole Sebastian, Michael Sebastian

In the first half, numerologist Glynis McCants (toll-free # 877-686-2373) discussed what the new energy of 2022 (a "6" year) means to world leadership and individual lives. She also shared what people can expect in their new personal year, which is calculated by adding one's birth month & day, reducing that to a number between 1-9, and then adding a "6" to it. 2022 is about coming together and a shift toward more compromise, she said, though we won't see that in the first three months of the year. After 2021, a "5" year, 2022 will seem like we're coming out of a storm, "and overall, there's some good news ahead," she remarked. 

McCants offered numerological insights into actress Betty White, who died just short of her 100th birthday: Her "5" lifepath number tied into her love of animals, and her never-a-dull-moment quality. Regarding world leaders, Chinese President Xi Jinping is now in a personal year of "9," which means things may not go the way he'd hoped (Pres. Biden just went through this same cycle in 2021), she noted. Vladimir Putin has entered a personal year of "5," which indicates chaos, and he may regret some of his choices this year, she added. McCants also shared several affirmations, including one for good health: "I release all negative thoughts and embrace the vibrant health that's within me now." More affirmations here. During the second hour, she gave numerology readings for callers. Glynis will be teaching an online numerology workshop about how to get the most out of 2022 on Saturday, Jan. 29th from 1-3pm PT.


Psychologist and sociologist, Dr. Nicole and Michael Sebastian, use the unique tools of dreams, sound, synchronicity, intuition, and quantum physics to provide guidance and direction. In the latter half, they shared therapeutic and mystical approaches for working with dreams, including ancient ways of knowing. Michael described the "HU technique," a 1-step therapy in which a person intones the sound HU, as a practice dating back to the ancient Egyptians and other cultures. The vibration of this sound serves to realign a person's frequency and induce a sense of harmony, and this technique naturally moves a person away from negative habits, said Nicole.

A person can employ HU on the spot to alleviate frightening dream states like night terrors, said Michael. He defined night terrors as "nightmares on steroids," in which the dreamer enters into a heightened mode of panic and anxiety. He believes some of these night terrors may result from a person remembering their past lives, particularly traumatic moments like how they died or were attacked. Additionally, Nicole noted that the HU method can be used to connect with deceased loved ones during dreams. She also shared tips on interpreting your dream symbols, such as reviewing what you were thinking about in the dream, and then using word association to unlock the meaning of the symbol.

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