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Hybrid Warfare / Shamanic Practice

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Explorer, journalist, and documentary filmmaker, Robert Young Pelton is an iconoclast known for his entry into most of the world's conflicts over the last 25 years. In the first half, he discussed the concept of 'Hybrid Warfare.' This is a type of conflict that ranges from disinformation campaigns to assassination to all-out warfare, he explained. And surprisingly, with information warfare that is waged over the Internet, citizens from Australia to the US to Europe to Africa have in a way all become combatants, he pointed out. The GRU, a division of the Russian military, as well as groups in China, Iran, and elsewhere use social media as a form of psychological warfare ('PsyOps,') he noted. "These people," he continued, "can reach the American public directly through Facebook, through Twitter...[with] a constant iteration of weird and strange things that get people upset."

He advised that Americans should stop bickering among themselves and instead contemplate why we're so divided and who wants us that way. Some of America's foreign adversaries have realized they can weaken the US by sowing chaos and dissension among its populace, he added. With America not focused on a unified external enemy, it has led us to turn on each other in a kind of tribalism, he lamented. Regarding the Russian/Ukraine conflict, Pelton doubts there'll be an all-out war but rather Putin is trying to assert dominance in the region, knowing how costly it would be for the US and Europe to send troops there. He also offered commentary on Afghanistan, China/Taiwan, Iran, and Iraq. 


In the latter half, teacher of conscious awareness and healing, Lynn Andrews spoke about her shamanic practice, and ways to enhance your spiritual growth and wisdom. She recalled her path to becoming a shaman after apprenticing with Agnes Whistling Elk, a Native American medicine woman in Manitoba. Andrews described witnessing an amazing healing conducted by a female shaman on a woman with breast cancer. During the ritual, she could see a white energy emanating from the shaman, who did a kind of psychic suction of the patient, and then spit out what she took in into a glass of water. The water then turned dark, and the woman was completely healed of the breast cancer, Andrews reported.

Shamans have learned to understand dynamic energy and are able to ride it like a wave, she detailed. "In my early teachings with the Sisterhood [a 44-member group known as the Sisterhood of the Shields], they taught me not to stand and fight that energy but to throw myself into it," she revealed. Andrews formed a Mystery School to impart shamanic wisdom to larger groups, with a curriculum that can be primarily studied at home and discussed via conference calls. Further info here. During the last half-hour, George featured a replay from 11/11/05 when Dr. Morgus made a live in-studio appearance.

News segment guests: Lauren Weinstein, Steve Kates

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