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Wisdom of the Kybalion / Spiritual Evolution

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In the first half, occult scholar Mitch Horowitz discussed the new film, The Kybalion (view trailer), on its premiere date. Mitch stars in the feature-length adaptation of the 1908 esoteric classic, which is filled with ancient Egyptian wisdom for today. The documentary was shot on location in Egypt and explores the precepts of hermeticism – a Greek/Egyptian philosophy developed in Alexandria in the generations immediately following the death of Christ. The word 'Kybalion' seems to be a riff on the mystical system Kabbalah, Horowitz pointed out. While the authorship of the book is attributed to the "Three Initiates," it's believed the actual writer was the Chicago lawyer and occultist William Walker Atkinson (1862-1932) known for publishing books on "new thought" under various pseudonyms. 

A core idea of The Kybalion comes from the Hermetic manuscript known as the Emerald Tablet: "As above, so below." It essentially means that "you, the individual, are connected to the cosmos" and everything in it, and you are a product of a great infinite mind, he explained. Some of the Kybalion's other principles are reflected in such things as astrology, karma, positive-mind philosophy, and near-death experiences, Horowitz cited. Certain ideas of the ancients, he continued, run parallel to many of our current insights. The concept that everything emanates from one infinite mind was called "nous" by the ancient Greeks, who believed that this great over-mind passes through concentric circles of reality, and eventually reaches our sphere. "And as such, we're able to create...within our physical sphere" using the ability of mental causation, Horowitz added.


With over 25 years of experience as an Integrative Wellness Specialist, Suzanne Ross has coached thousands of people, enhancing their spiritual well-being. In the latter half, she spoke about such topics as spiritual evolution and ascension and how certain technologies may prove to be dehumanizing. We are multidimensional beings living in different timelines and planes of reality that simultaneously unfold in an eternal now, she suggested. Through such techniques as meditative practice, listening to high-frequency sound, running energy through the chakras, and enhancing our psychic awareness, we can expand our minds into greater consciousness, and further develop our spirituality, she said.

Ross expressed concern over AI, with such capabilities as facial recognition, chip implants, and mass surveillance getting out of control. Somewhere between a "digital dystopia" and a "spiritual utopia," she hopes we can find a middle ground in which artificial intelligence is utilized in a discerning and thoughtful manner. This March, she'll be hosting the Sedona Ascension Retreat, featuring a line-up of luminaries giving lectures and presentations, along with journeys to sacred vortex sites. Sedona, Arizona, she added, could be thought of as a "crystal city of light," as there is a quartz crystal bedrock protruding through the red rock. Quartz crystal has many interesting properties, including the ability to amplify energy, she noted.

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