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Atlantis & Lemuria / Possessed Serial Killer

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Author and speaker Tom T. Moore says he has a telepathic connection with guardian angels who provide guidance and information. In the first half, he shared what he's learned about the lost continents of Atlantis and Lemuria through his guides. Both Atlantis and Lemuria existed 60,000 years ago and ended up destroying themselves, he revealed. Atlantis, which had the shape of a parallelogram, was about the size of Australia and situated in the Atlantic ocean between the Americas and Europe and Africa, he reported. Lemuria (also known as MU, slightly larger than Atlantis) was off the coast of Japan and extended to within 100 miles of Hawaii (view related maps). Around 30,000 years ago, he continued, the main continent of Atlantis was sunk by a massive volcanic eruption, and millions of people died when the seas rose 162 feet.

Lemuria's actions led to its own downfall, he learned during one of his meditative sessions, and his past incarnation living there as a war-mongering religious leader was partly to blame. While Lemuria was long a peaceful place, around 7,500 years ago, the continent was at war with four other countries, and an exchange of hydrogen-type bombs caused MU to break apart and sink, Moore detailed. The Atlanteans, he noted, were highly advanced technologically and had a free energy system powered by giant crystals spread out every few miles. This knowledge was given to them by ETs, he added, but it turned out to be a mistake, as the Atlanteans misused it, developing the technology into a laser-type weapon of war. The account of Noah's Ark actually happened 12,500 years ago, Moore claimed, when the remnant islands of Atlantis –Poseidia and Aryan- destroyed themselves, and Noah built a boat that rescued domesticated animals.


Paranormal expert, filmmaker, and rapper, Steve Shippy lived in the "creepy house on the corner" in a small town near Saginaw, MI, and was a victim of a severe haunting. He discussed his latest work (the documentary Scream: The True Story) about serial killer Danny Rolling, aka the Gainesville Ripper, who claimed to be possessed by a demon named "Gemini" when he committed his crimes. Starting in 1989, Rolling killed eight people in Louisiana and Florida and is said to be the inspiration behind the Scream horror movies. He confessed to the crimes and was eventually convicted and executed by lethal injection in 2006. Shippy, along with psychic Cindy Kaza, conducted a paranormal investigation at Rolling's campsite in Florida, as well as at his childhood home in Louisiana.

Kaza believed she interacted with Rolling's spirit, and concluded there was an inhuman and demonic presence. At the home where he was raised, paranormal activities were experienced by the current owners shortly after Rolling's execution. The couple said a malevolent entity physically attacked them, and Shippy brought in a Catholic demonologist who conducted a minor rite of exorcism. Shippy also talked about some of the times he witnessed apparitions, such as when he recently stayed at an older home booked on Airbnb. At about 2:30AM, he heard the sound of a handle jiggling on the bedroom armoire. Then, about 30 minutes later, he heard something in an adjacent room, and when he investigated, he caught a glimpse of a fast-moving wavy form that seemed to have its own illumination in the pitch-black room. It shot across the room, vanishing just before it hit the wall.

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