5G, AI, & Aliens / Shared Death Experiences

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5G, AI, & Aliens / Shared Death Experiences

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Cyrus A. Parsa of the A.I. Organization is a security professional whose specialties include emerging threats, anti-terrorism, and smart technology. In the first half, he discussed controversies around the new 5G network, as well as UFOs, aliens, and AI. "5G is not particularly made for human beings; it is made for machines," he declared. The 5G signal (and the upcoming 6G) will be deployed for 'smart' operations, including automation for robots and AI, satellites, and in-the-works flying taxis, he explained. Airports have recently raised concerns about the safety of the 5G high-bandwidth network as it may interfere with flight transmissions and hasn't been fully tested. The 5G frequency might also affect humans' biometric and electrical fields, especially in the COVID-era, he suggested.

Regarding artificial intelligence, Parsa doesn't consider it to be artificial. "It's sentient," he stated, and on the verge of becoming self-aware. Back in 2003, Parsa said he met with someone from the Pentagon (whom he wouldn't name). This contact gave UFO technology that works with a kind of warp field to the Pentagon, he continued. According to Parsa, this person had requested a consultation with him about the interaction of alien bodies and their spacecraft. He showed various photos to Parsa, including something that looked like an exoskeleton of a Grey, and a ghost-like figure navigating a ship. Parsa speculated that the latter was a digital/electrical being.


Founder of the Shared Crossing Project, William Peters is recognized as a global leader in the field of shared death studies, and has spent decades studying end-of-life experiences. In the latter half, he spoke about his research into shared death experiences. He detailed how his own NDEs and out-of-body experiences (OBEs) inspired his interest in the topic. In a job at a hospice, he was reading a book to a non-responsive patient named Ron, when Peters said he suddenly popped out of his body. In this state, he saw that Ron was also out-of-body and happy to see him, and the two had a telepathic conversation. This co-OBE could be considered similar to a shared death experience (SDE) in which loved ones and caregivers feel as though they participate in the transition of a dying individual as they leave their body.

Peters said he has now studied 225 cases, and more are coming to light, as people become familiar with the phenomenon. Some SDEs are classified as "sympathetic," wherein people suffer from physical symptoms or illness just as their loved one is dying, which they only find out about later. Most SDEs are extremely pleasant and filled with a sense of joy, he reported, and some 64% of the cases occurred remotely, in which the loved one was in an entirely different location than the dying person. Raymond Moody, who first popularized the SDE phenomenon, documented primarily in-person deathbed cases, though Peters has concluded the in-person and remote occurrences have a very similar quality. He also spoke about the 'Conductor' phenomenon, in which a helper, spirit being, or unseen source has been observed assisting a soul into the next dimension.

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