Remote Viewing Experiment / Open Lines

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Remote Viewing Experiment / Open Lines

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In the first half, clairvoyant and spiritual healer Douglas James Cottrell conducted a live on-air remote viewing experiment with Richard Syrett (Twitter), making this his fourth such experiment on the show. As before, Cottrell simply placed an everyday object (photo here) on his desktop at home, and invited Richard and the show's listeners to envision what it was. The method to do so, he said, was easy: remote viewers needed only to close their eyes, take slow, deep breaths, and pay attention to the image that effortlessly came to mind. Cottrell also emphasized that he was not a component in the experiment in any way—he was not concentrating on the mystery object or otherwise directing his own mental energy to "push" an image of the object to a receiver. Any ability to envision the object, therefore, was entirely the result of finding it through one's own viewing ability. Guesses from callers ranged from a wallet to a playing card to a baseball, but Richard came the closest with his assertion that Cottrell had a grapefruit on his desk.

Cottrell also offered his predictions for 2022. The queen of England would pass on her crown this year, he noted, and inflation would continue to rise for a time. China and North Korea would engage in hostile behavior toward their neighbors, as would Russia in a bitter struggle with Ukraine that would involve a deadly large-scale accident. News about the current pandemic was more optimistic, however. COVID would begin to subside this year, Cottrell predicted, before being contained and disappearing for the most part.


Callers to the show's Open Lines in the second half included Ayoro in California, who shared his theory that many dinosaurs were not predators but scavengers who served to help rid the Earth of filth and disease, including viruses. Gail, calling from Missouri, related the unsettling story of being poisoned as a child by an abusive family member, only to find herself floating to the ceiling of her bedroom in an out-of-body experience. And Ontario listener Carl talked about reports of Bigfoot in a relatively remote area of Canada.

Unusual dreams were also the subject of many listeners' calls; Roger in California even claimed that a dream once saved his life. In this dream, he recalled, a woman warned him to stay clear of the gun that a man suddenly pulled. Soon afterward, he went on, Roger and his friends became involved in a real-life fight outside a bar when a man did, in fact, point a gun at him. As if in slow motion, Roger explained, he ducked from the gun as he had in his dream, and was able to flee the scene unharmed.

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