Remote Viewing Update / Havana Syndrome & Mass Hysteria

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Remote Viewing Update / Havana Syndrome & Mass Hysteria

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In the first half, remote viewing teacher and retired US Army Major Edward A. Dames discussed his current cases, including looking at UFOs and 'ultraterrestrials,' as well as preparing for a coming global reset. He shared a Navy photograph of a pyramid-shaped object said to be hovering above one of their ships, along with a remote-viewed map of coordinates (view images). The Navy described the object as being 'trans-medium,' indicating that it could fly through air, water, and even solid rock. According to Dames, it emanated or was projected from beneath the seabed. Regarding the question of aliens, remote viewing sessions have suggested beings more accurately thought of as ultraterrestrials. They are quasi-dimensional but exist in our same physical realm, he explained, and "have been here a long long time." They want us to evolve, and the way they've chosen to do that is through conundrums and consciousness tools, he continued.

Ultraterrestrials were the ones who interacted with Travis Walton in his famed abduction case aboard a spacecraft-- they were almost invisible wraith-like beings, Dames added (he'll be offering a Zoom conference in March called "The Ultraterrestrial Agenda"). Speaking of a 'global reset,' he said it will start off with a three-day internet outage that will be blamed on the Russians. When the internet comes back up, the US will have instigated central bank digital currency, as a way to keep up with China. Commercial banks will start dropping off as funds are transferred to federal bank accounts, he predicted. Dames also foresees the midterm US elections called off this year due to a declaration of martial law.


In the latter half, medical sociologist Robert E. Bartholomew, Ph.D. revealed recent developments in the mysterious 'Havana Syndrome,' as well as shared his take on hauntings, and anomalous phenomena. Havana Syndrome, first reported in Cuba, refers to supposed energy attacks (from covert weapons or technology) on American diplomats worldwide. A recent CIA report (leaked in the NY Times) found that most of the 1,000 cases investigated have mundane explanations like undiagnosed medical conditions and stress, and were not the result of an international campaign by foreign powers like Russia and China. This was the conclusion Bartholomew and his co-author reached in their 2020 book on the subject, which pointed toward mass psychogenic illness or hysteria as the culprit (for more, see this recap of his earlier show appearance).

While the CIA report noted they were continuing to investigate about two dozen cases that remain unexplained, "that shouldn't be taken to suggest that there's something sinister going on," he added. The Jason advisory group (composed of top scientists) also issued a report that dismissed the idea that microwave weapons were attacking diplomats. Bartholomew shared the results of a new study of patients who received the COVID vaccine-- around 61% had psychogenic symptoms (caused by their mind, not a physical condition). When it comes to hauntings and ghosts, people often seek out confirmation of their pre-existing beliefs, he said. Yet, while living in Malaysia, Bartholomew witnessed poltergeist-like activity in the home where he was staying that he cannot explain. When dealing with cases of high strangeness, it's important to faithfully document what happened instead of jumping to conclusions, and to look for patterns over time, he advised. 

News segment guests: John M. Curtis, Charles Coppes

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