Telepathy Research / Nordic Aliens & Irish Fairies

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Telepathy Research / Nordic Aliens & Irish Fairies

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In the first half, Helané Wahbeh, Director of Research at the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS), talked about current research into telepathic abilities. Telepathy, a term coined by Frederic W. H. Myers of the Society for Psychical Research, refers to impressions received at a distance in a way that is outside the traditional six senses. She noted that we most think of telepathy as a kind of mind-to-mind communication today. Interestingly, IONS confirmed that telepathy is actually quite common-- in a survey they did of around 900 people, 67% reported having such an experience. Telepathy has also been successfully reproduced in the laboratory, sometimes using the Ganzfeld technique, in which subjects are deprived of their ordinary senses.

Wahbeh discussed the phenomenon of telephone telepathy-- when a person correctly surmises who is calling them when the phone rings. IONS is studying whether a biological connection to the caller, or physical distance makes a difference in the telepathic effects. To participate in this current study, follow this link. Telepathy may have played a role in human evolution, especially before mass communications, and today we may use this skill unconsciously. Wahbeh cited Rupert Sheldrake's intriguing work, which demonstrated that pets can sense when their owner is about to return home before they arrive, and that humans can perceive when someone is staring at them even if they can't see them. She also touched on her work on channeling, noting that while the material can't be absolutely verified to be coming from a separate entity, the channeler's voice has been shown in a lab to have a different frequency when conveying messages. 


In the latter half, investigative mythologist and lifelong UFO experiencer Sharon Delarose shared her contention that some of the ETs visiting Earth via UFOs today may be descendants of the fairies of Ireland. Her encounters with aliens were with the type known as Nordics, whom she characterized as tall, pale-skinned, and benevolent. In her research into ancient Irish mythology, she learned about the supernatural race called the Tuatha de Danann, which she believes is the same as the Nordics. They stood 7-8 ft. tall, had blond, red, or white hair, piercing blue eyes, and chalk-white skin, she detailed. "I believe that they arrived in Ireland around 5620 BC," Delarose added, and were said to come down out of the sky, and stay for several thousand years.

The Tuatha or Nordics colonized the planet, and served as teachers offering advanced technology before they moved into subterranean habitats, she outlined. Delarose asserted that the Tuatha played a vital role in defeating a race of giants who were terrorizing humanity. The lore of the Tuatha or fairies was altered over the years, such as by Christian monks, to create the perception that they were beings much smaller in size, she explained. Charles Hall's description of the 'Tall White' ETs, and their 'birdsong' language matches what she knows about the Nordics. Delarose suggested that the ultimate agenda of the Nordics is to move humans off-planet, possibly with UFOs in a Rapture-like event.

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