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Mysterious Disappearances / Paranormal Incidents

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Author and investigator David Paulides has focused his attention for the last 11 years on evidence of people vanishing in the wilderness under mysterious circumstances. In the first half, he discussed his newest research: disappearances in Idaho and how cases of missing people cluster in various areas. He outlined a set of "profile points" or commonalities in the incidents he's studied, which include the lost discovered in areas that were previously searched numerous times, and when found alive, they have a lack of memory about what happened. There is often boulder or granite in the area where they disappear, and when young children go missing, they are sometimes located significant distances away. In North America, there are 62 geographical clusters where most cases occur-- the largest being Yosemite National Park.

In the state of Idaho, he's identified around 70 cases of odd disappearances that fit the profile points, dating as far as back as the 1880s. One such case occurred in 1907 in a rural area near Boise, where a 19-month-old child vanished from the property. A group of 100 people gathered for an immediate search, and they, along with bloodhounds, found nothing. But, five days later, a lone searcher discovered tracks, and located the boy still alive-- some eight miles from the house. A distance that defies what would be expected for such a young child to travel. Paulides recalled a conversation with physicist John Brandenburg, who suggested that groups are trying to weaponize portals, which could pull people into another location. Paulides pondered whether such technology might explain some of the inexplicable vanishings.


For over 45 years, John Russell has worked as a professional psychic with a worldwide clientele, and as a paranormal investigator who has witnessed over 800 supernatural manifestations. In the latter half, he talked about such subjects as the Ouija board, spirit communications, and psychic attacks. The tradition of Ouija or talking boards dates back to Native Americans and ancient history. Russell, who employs the Ouija on occasion, said "there is nothing intrinsically dangerous or evil" about the board, but problems can arise if the user is overly susceptible to influence or not grounded. For such a person, their own subconscious might produce a negative experience with the board, he added.

Psychic attacks can take place when someone sends out negative energy toward us, he suggested, or even if someone prays for specific actions to occur that you may not feel are in your best interest. There is an invisible alternate dimension or realm from which entities or beings can manifest themselves onto our physical plane, he continued. Russell described a curious episode when he and his family were sightseeing in Washington DC when they all heard a series of odd metallic clicks that resembled Morse code. They looked around and saw a plaque on a building noting that it was the site of Morse's first telegraph demonstration. The Other Side can interact with us, he commented, and our actions can influence their realm as well. During the last hour, he gave readings for callers.

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