Men in Black & Time Travel / Sound Healing

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Men in Black & Time Travel / Sound Healing

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In the first half, prolific author and researcher Nick Redfern discussed curious cases of Men in Black (MIB) visitations, and the possibility of time travel and the claims people have made. Albert Bender, who created a UFO research organization in the 1950s, was visited by a trio of MIBs, who warned him to leave the UFO subject alone. What's particularly intriguing about repeated encounters with the Men in Black is that witnesses have described them as not looking entirely human, with waxy skin and bulging eyes, Redfern detailed. Some even suspected they may have been aliens in disguise. The fact that MIBs sometimes show up just minutes after a UFO sighting suggests to some researchers that they are materialized near witnesses' locations, he commented.

Regarding time travel, Redfern pointed out there may be "time glitches" in which people see out-of-time events or inexplicable phenomena that lasts for just a certain period. The UFO phenomenon may not actually be extraterrestrial in origin, he continued, but could represent people visiting from our future (Jim Penniston, a witness of the Rendlesham UFO case, reported a communication with an entity who claimed to be from Earth's far future). Alleged time traveler John Titor kicked off a more recent era of time travel tales, Redfern noted. Titor, who said he was visiting us from 2036, predicted calamitous events via Internet message boards in the years 2000-1, yet missed such significant events as the 9-11 attacks.


An authority on sound healing and a pioneer in the field of harmonics, Jonathan Goldman, M.A., is an award-winning musician, composer, and teacher. In the latter half, he spoke about the science behind sound healing and revealed how self-created sounds can improve health, relieve stress, and much more. Sound can affect us in two ways, he explained. The first is what most are familiar with-- sound going into our ears-- but the other, which he referred to as "vibro-acoustics," is when the sound goes into our body and affects us on a cellular level. He shared a track called "Convergence" that is encoded with frequencies designed to slow down body rhythms and breathing, as listeners become entrained or synchronized with the audio.

The voice is probably the most healing instrument, Goldman remarked, and we can program intentionality into it. He reported that practicing a simple type of single-note humming can be highly therapeutic. Humming has been found to boost the immune system, create nitric oxide (a molecule with anti-viral properties), increase levels of melatonin, and lower blood pressure and heart rate. Goldman said he does the humming practice for five minutes each day. He is the founder of the World Sound Healing Day (view related video), which is focused on using sound for planetary healing. Their 20th-anniversary event is scheduled for this coming Monday on Valentine's Day, February 14th.

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