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Biblical Prophecy / Spiritual Deliverance

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In the first half, financial analyst Benjamin Baruch discussed his research on biblical prophecy and how it relates to our own time. For example, he explained, he consulted the book of Jeremiah in order to predict the COVID-19 shutdown date of March 2020. Similarly, he drew a parallel between the number eleven—which holds a special significance in mystic numerology—and the attacks of 9/11, which he also claimed to have predicted. And despite the "terrible trials" ahead for America in the form of World War III he expects, Baruch said our best days are ahead of us, when the faithful are united with God.

When a caller in Tennessee wondered whether the typical reports of pointy-headed, large-eyed aliens could actually be referring to evil spirits of the Nephilim, Baruch told her "I think you've nailed it," and called such creatures "manifestations of satanic powers." In response to a woman in New York's question about the timeline of the Bible's prophecies, he replied that our nation will be drawn into a two-front war in the Middle East and in East Asia, followed by a nuclear strike on America led by China. A Texas listener shared his theory with Baruch about the identity of the two-horned beast mentioned in the book of Revelation: the United States, doomed by its own wickedness and lack of faith.


Spiritual Deliverance Minister Bill Bean's encounters with the demonic began early in his life. He shared his experiences in the latter half of the show, which included being attacked by demons as a young boy and watching his mother suffer the same. These events led Bean to learn to exorcise the forces of evil in others, which he described as intense and exhausting bouts of spiritual warfare. But while literal demons are often behind the suffering of those he serves, he noted, just as often he helps to deliver people from the bondage of depression, grief, and addiction.

Over the years, Bean has gone on to travel the world to offer his services as an exorcist, and lately he's been so busy that his sleep and his health are suffering. Because of his work, Bean continued, he's also been harassed by human and non-human entities. In addition to being surveilled by Men in Black and black helicopters, he's been followed by UFOs and visited by large green creatures appearing at the foot of his bed. View related images: Page 1 | Page 2

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