The Afterlife / Sasquatch Ontario

The Afterlife / Sasquatch Ontario


HostConnie Willis

GuestsTim Coleman, Mike Paterson

In the first half, documentary filmmaker and photographer Tim Coleman joined Connie Willis (info) to discuss his experiences with a number of paranormal and unusual phenomena. Among them was the story of his spending the night alone inside the King's Chamber of Egypt's Great Pyramid while doing a radio program early in his career. Although the chamber was absolutely black with darkness at first, Coleman said, gradually it became luminous with a greenish light that "rose to a peak" before disappearing. He examined crop circles, another subject of interest, in different ways over his professional life, including through articles he wrote and radio segments he produced. Most notably, he was part of the team on Crop Circles: Quest for Truth, a documentary film on the topic.

Coleman related how his interest in alien encounters and abductions stemmed from a high school project, and eventually led to the documentaries Out of the Blue and I Know What I Saw, as well as his interview for BBC Radio with John Mack, a psychiatrist who researched abductees' experiences. He also recounted the making of The Afterlife Investigations, his documentary about the Scole Experiment, in which a group of mediums and investigators met over five years to determine whether life after death could be conclusively proven.


In the second half, Canadian Sasquatch researcher Mike Paterson talked about his latest work documenting the creatures in Ontario. He described his first encounter with them in 2008, when he heard the chest thumps and guttural whooping of one of them in the wild, as a life-changing event that erased his skepticism. He shared several audio clips of one group of Sasquatch he said he regular contacts, several featuring Nef, with whom Paterson has especially bonded. In these recordings, made in the forest, his calls are answered by a distinct voice that sometimes sounds like speech, and at other times consists of grunting and howling sounds.

Paterson repeatedly stressed the intelligence and sophisticated personalities he believes Sasquatch possess. More important, he argued, they exist on a plane outside of human understanding, which we can greatly benefit from learning about. Paterson takes advantage of opportunities to introduce fellow humans to the wonder of the Sasquatch through personal conversations as well as his website and YouTube channel. As important as educating people about the importance of Sasquatch is, however, he noted that he has no plans to introduce the public to the creatures he knows personally; the risk that they could be harmed is too great, he explained.



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