Planet X Trajectory / Reptilians and Underground Bases

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Planet X Trajectory / Reptilians and Underground Bases

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Preparedness author Marshall Masters has been researching Earth changes and Nibiru since 1999. In the first half, he talked about Planet X's trajectory from 2022 to what he contends will be a devastating pole shift in 2028. According to Masters, Planet X (also known as Nibiru) is one of three planets that are part of a mini-constellation of objects that orbit around Nemesis, a brown dwarf star estimated to be about 2-3 times the size of Jupiter. Nibiru (referred to as the "planet of crossing" by Sumerian scholar Zecharia Sitchin) is the one we need to be concerned about in terms of its interaction with our planet, he continued. Nemesis is nearing the plane of our solar system (the ecliptic), he said, and "when it reaches the plane, it's going to have massive electrical interactions with the sun," on top of the gravity pull from everything in its orbit, including Nibiru.

This immense gravitational pull will cause the pole shift, which he expects will happen around 2028, based on his observations of Nibiru. Masters believes that Nibiru has been visible in certain locations for short periods of time when the optics are right, such as in the sky above a volcano in Costa Rica in 2013. Past cataclysms like the sinking of Atlantis, and biblical accounts, including the flood of Noah, and the parting of the Red Sea, were all related to effects from Planet X's passage, he continued. Masters, an advocate for survival preparedness, recommends living in a rural area away from large bodies of water, establishing community connections, and considering underground or domed habitats. For much more, view his free related ebook, Planet X (PDF).


In the latter half, "Crypto Hunter," UFO researcher John Rhodes discussed Reptilian humanoids and a possible subterranean empire that consists of alien cultures, lost civilizations, and a history of underground bases built across the US. We have a limited scope of reality, he commented, and much of what has been going on has been hidden from us. As described by witnesses, Reptilians or Reptoids are about 6 to 7.5 ft. in height, heads with back sloping skulls, large almond shaped-eyes with vertical slits for pupils, muscular builds, and claws with three fingers and an opposable thumb. He detailed a case from 1989 known as the 'Lizardman of Bishopville, South Carolina,' when a teen named Christopher Davis was changing his tire near a swamp, and was confronted by a lizard-like humanoid that jumped on his vehicle. Davis ended up passing a polygraph, and similar sightings followed his encounter in the area.

The Reptoids appear to live underground, Rhodes suggested, and we may eventually find out that we've been living side-by-side with what amounts to another indigenous species. The town of Dulce, NM has been rumored to house an underground base built out of caverns, he said, and there were reports that Reptilians participated in medical experiments there. Based on his research, he's concluded that the military has vast subterranean bases possibly connected via tunnel systems, and they contain things like underground lakes and other natural settings. Rhodes also touched on his investigations into the mystery of cattle mutilations, and how they seem to be connected to environmental issues.

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