John Rhodes

John Rhodes


For over twenty years, CryptoHunter John Rhodes, the award-winning UFO phenomena investigator, cryptozoologist, and pioneer of Reptilian-Humanoid studies, has informed and entertained audiences around the world with his unique insight into the mysteries of our planet, and beyond.

His research into UFO’s, Terrestrial Cryptids, Cattle Mutilations, Underground Bases and the Men In Black has been featured on numerous television shows such as Unsolved Mysteries, UFO Hunters, the Jesse Ventura Show, Ancient Aliens, Animal-X, Monster Quest, The Unexplained Files, and more.

John has presented his research findings at many UFO and phenomena conferences in the United States and internationally. He is often a featured guest on Coast-to-Coast AM, and other recognizable radio and internet broadcast shows.

John is also known for his long history in assisting various law enforcement agencies in Cattle Mutilation investigations. His research presentations on Secret Underground Bases and Advanced Tunneling Technologies continue to fascinate audiences, giving them a clear view into the secret government and "alien" underworlds that exist beneath our very feet.


Past Shows:

  • Reptoids & Underground Bases / Open Lines

    The UFO researcher known as the "Crypto Hunter," John Rhodes, joins discussed Reptilian humanoids and the secret underworld empire, which consists of alien cultures and lost civilizations. Open Lines followed in the latter half of the program.More »
  • Planet X Trajectory / Reptilians and Underground Bases

    Preparedness author Marshall Masters shared his contention that Planet X or Nibiru is headed our way and will cause a pole shift in 2028. Followed by "Crypto Hunter" John Rhodes on Reptilian beings and underground bases.More »
  • Giants: Hidden Evidence/ Underground Reptilians

    Researchers Steve Quayle and Timothy Alberino shared updates on the hidden evidence for giants. Followed by John Rhodes on reptilian humanoids.More »
  • Reptoids & Cryptids / New Age Physics

    In the first half, cryptozoologist John Rhodes talked about the mystery of what ate a great white shark, and shared updates on the Reptoids and other strange creatures. In the case of the devoured 9 ft. shark, the discovery came about because it was wearing a research/tracking...More »
  • Dulce & Crypto-Hunting

    "Crypto Hunter" John Rhodes discussed Reptilian-Humanoids, the enduring mysteries surrounding Dulce, New Mexico, and the nature of the number 64 as a kind of embedded code. First hour guest, "whale whisperer" Patricia Cori, reported on how our oceans are under attack by...More »
  • Reptilians & Other Mysteries

    UFO researcher known as the "Crypto Hunter," John Rhodes, discussed reptilian humanoids along with such topics as enhanced perception, the Mayan calendar, and Earth changes. First hour guest, Walter Parazaider, founding member and saxophone player for the rock group...More »
  • Secret Door XIII

    In our 13th edition of the 'Secret Door,' George Noory welcomed three surprise guests who discussed a variety of topics: 'CryptoHunter' John Rhodes, technology expert Lauren Weinstein, and prophecy authority John Hogue. Riffing on the fact that we are now exactly one year...More »
  • Reptilians & Men in Black

    Known as the "Crypto Hunter," UFO researcher John Rhodes talked about the role of Men in Black (MIBs) in enforcing secrecy, as well as encounters with Reptilian beings.More »
  • Reptilians & Underground Bases

    'Crypto Hunter' John Rhodes discussed reports of reptilian humanoids, and secret underground locations that could house alien cultures, lost civilizations and government facilities. First hour guest, financial advisor Mish Shedlock commented on the situation facing...More »
  • The Path of Planet X

    Researcher Dr. Jaysen Q. Rand discussed the arrival of Planet X, an object he said is somewhere in size between Saturn and Earth's moon.The body, which may be part of a brown dwarf star,is due to swing our way between 2009 and 2012, possibly in two passes, he detailed. Rand had...More »
  • Lizard Man, Reptoids, & Mutilations

    'Cryptohunter' John Rhodes reported on recent and past Lizard Man accounts, Reptoids, and connections between MRSA and animal mutilations. A new South Carolina case bore similarities to a 1988 'Lizard Man' incident in which a car was vandalized with teeth marks chewing into the...More »
  • 'Trilogy Night' Open Lines

    George hosted 'Trilogy Night,' offering a different special topic line during each hour of Open Lines. Over the course of the evening, callers shared stories of moments that made them angry, caused them to laugh, or frightened them.More »
  • Reptoids Update

    'Crypto Hunter' John Rhodes returned for a discussion on reptilian humanoids.More »
  • Reptoids & Animal Mutilations

    Researcher and phenomena analyst John Rhodes spoke about Reptoids-- which he defined as intelligent reptilian beings native to Earth that dwell in underground caverns.More »
  • Lost Bible Secrets

    Prof. Ken Hanson returned to share stories and secrets from lost biblical books.More »
  • Reptoid Beings

    Researcher and leading authority on the reptilian presence, John Rhodes, spoke about intelligent reptoid beings and the underground world he believes they inhabit. His research, which is culled from witness testimony, cultural/religious legends, and ancient accounts, suggests...More »

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