Frank Sinatra Revealed / Alien Abductees

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Frank Sinatra Revealed / Alien Abductees

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In the first half, investigative reporter Mark Shaw delved into the world of crooner Frank Sinatra, exploring the entertainment, politics, and underworld he was involved with. Shaw, who reported on the life and untimely demise of columnist Dorothy Kilgallen in two books, noted that at one time, she was a friend and admirer of Sinatra. She enthused that next to Pres. Kennedy, Sinatra was the "biggest man in America today," and his backing of JFK helped him win the 1960 election over Nixon. Sinatra changed the lyrics of his hit song "High Hopes" to boost the Kennedy campaign. It was rumored that JFK's father Joe Kennedy reached out to Sinatra to secure Mafia connections that might swing the election in favor of his son.

After Kilgallen wrote of Sinatra's shabby treatment of women, the two had a falling out and became bitter enemies. Frank repeatedly made cruel remarks about her appearance, while Dorothy claimed he turned against her because she spurned his sexual advances. "Success hasn't changed Frank Sinatra. When he was unappreciated and obscure, he was hot-tempered, egotistical, extravagant, and moody. Now that he is rich and famous, with the world on a string and sapphires in his cufflinks, he is still hot-tempered, egotistical, extravagant, and moody," Kilgallen wrote about him. Not unlike some Mafiosos, Frank was known for violent outbursts. His 'Rat Pack' buddy, the actor Peter Lawford quipped, "he's good friends with too many guys who'd rather kill you than say hello." Shaw also recounted how Sinatra soured on JFK after he added a heliport to his Palm Springs compound in advance of a visit, only to find the President canceling and staying at Bing Crosby's home instead.


In the latter half, certified hypnotherapist, and Director of CERO (Close Encounter Resource Organization) Yvonne Smith, discussed her work specializing in alien abduction. Her organization CERO has now been around for 30 years, and she recalled working with such influential figures in the alien abduction movement as (the late) Dr. John Mack, David Jacobs, and especially (the late) Budd Hopkins. Known for bringing forth the concept of "missing time" in abductee cases, Hopkins invited Smith to observe his use of hypnosis with experiencers, and this helped develop her technique. She recently conducted hypnotic regression sessions with Bryan Datillo to aid his recall of alien encounters (featured in his new podcast).

According to her research, many abduction experiences seem to center around a hybridization program-- some of the abductees report that they are taken aboard a ship and told to care for the hybrid babies onboard. Others are made to help calm humans (who are perhaps being abducted for the first time) as they are placed on examination tables. Some of her clients or people from her support groups start off as highly traumatized and then become more adjusted to the experience, she revealed. Though alien abduction reports have tapered off in the media in recent years, Smith has found that her caseload remains high, and she hears from new people each week. In June, she will teach an in-person therapist training program in Burbank, CA.

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