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Over the course of his twenty-four-year career in the CIA, Ric Prado received their Distinguished Career Intelligence Medal. In the first half, he talked about his work on various CIA missions and his efforts against Communism. Commenting on the current crisis in Ukraine, he suspects that the CIA had likely been training Ukrainian soldiers for some time in advance of Russia's recent invasion. If Putin is smart, he added, he'll seek an exit strategy in Ukraine rather than possibly risk losing his position over a long protracted war and insurgency. Prado described growing up in Cuba, and how he was there as a child when Castro took over. These first-hand experiences shaped his view of Communism. If we consider "terrorism is like getting shot," then "Communism is like getting cancer," Prado remarked.

One of the reasons Prado wrote his new book "Black Ops: The Life of a CIA Shadow Warrior" (which the CIA approved with some redactions after a six-month review process) was to correct the public's image of CIA agents as "immoral, treacherous, maniacal assassins like Jason Bourne." CIA officers are patriots and heroes, he said, often doing work that nobody even knows, and since 9-11, 137 men and women have lost their lives in the line of duty. He also talked about how during 9-11, he was the CIA's Chief of Counter-terrorism and advocated making a list of key individuals to go after rather than just the leaders of terrorist groups.


Returning to the show, former space science museum curator and former NASA consultant, Richard C. Hoagland, discussed the incredible discoveries on Mars that NASA is not talking about (view related images), as well as the results of his ET communications experiments. Speaking about the Cydonia region (where the Face on Mars is located), we see a "redundant geometry of fundamental mathematical constants all over this site," he asserted. "All of these mathematical synchronicities...are not accidental," Hoagland added, and he and his research associates have concluded that there was a succession of ancient Martian civilizations that far predated ours. The commonality they had with humanity is that they expressed their science in numbers, he continued, "and they left us multiple mathematical messages."

Among the NASA photos Hoagland analyzed was what he referred to as a huge glass dome at Jezero crater. Additional images at the crater suggest the surface had photochromic properties (changes color with sunlight)- a quality not found in natural material. He detailed some of his recent experiments with David Sereda and Jimmy Blanchette, sending a signal of half a million watts to the interstellar visitor, Oumuamua. Beginning just minutes after sending the transmission, six UFOs were picked up on their radio telescope over the span of three hours. It was like they "popped in from hyperspace," and then hovered for a second or two before disappearing, he reported. For more on the experiments, see this show recap from December.

News segment guests: Howard Bloom, Mish Shedlock

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