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Earth's Inner Core / ET & UFO Encounters

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Originally trained as a physicist, J. Marvin Herndon earned a Ph.D. in nuclear chemistry and received post-doctoral training in geochemistry and cosmochemistry. In the first half, he discussed evolving ideas about Earth's inner core, and his status as a "maverick" or rogue geophysicist. Around 1930, Earth was thought of as a giant ball of molten iron surrounded by a mantle, and in 1936 the inner core was discovered by Inge Lehmann. By 1940, the inner core was believed to be made of iron, in the process of freezing from the liquid center. In 1979, Herndon realized the core might be composed of nickel silicide (a nickel-silicon compound), and published a paper proposing this. In 2002, his ideas were featured in a cover story for Discover magazine, suggesting that Earth's center is like a giant nuclear reactor, and the planets Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune are similar in that regard.

After his unorthodox views were published in the Discover article, NASA canceled his government grant, and over the last forty years, he has pursued science on his own budget. Recent research has indicated that Earth's inner core may be neither solid nor liquid but instead a 'superionic' material, a whirling mix of solid and liquid elements. Herndon talked about different theories about planetary formation-- he believes Earth started as a gaseous proto-planet like Jupiter rather than as a planetesimal that accrues matter over time. He also theorized on various cataclysmic scenarios, such as how a huge burst from the sun or an EMP could travel through the magnetic field and react with the Earth's core and lead to instability or geomagnetic activity on the planetary surface.


Space and UFO photographer, ET contactee, and cosmic channeler Lily Nova says aliens singled her out to capture evidence for ETs and prepare the world for contact. In the latter half, she described her interactions with various objects and beings, and how she documents their aerial craft in her photographs (view related images/video). Based in the St. Louis area, during the pandemic era, she became interested in astrophotography and began capturing images of stars and the night sky. It was during this time that her alien encounters started. One night, when she stepped out on her front porch, she immediately locked eyes with a hovering craft over the neighborhood. Moments later, a diamond or triangular-shaped craft appeared that was even closer to her house and made erratic movements. It came straight toward her, went above her head, and then disappeared, she recalled.

When she was alone, she began to see craft on numerous occasions with different shapes, as well as orbs of various colors. It seemed very personal, and "I knew that they were interacting and engaging with me specifically," Nova remarked. Her video recordings captured some of these events. She began to initiate contact with the aliens-- initially with a golden orb that came within 30 feet of her. She received a telepathic communication from a bald blue-skinned woman from the Lyra system, seemingly through the orb. Her intuitive visions continued with other enlightened Star Beings from this point onward, and she realized that the blue-skinned woman might represent her own identity on another plane of existence.

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