J. Marvin Herndon

J. Marvin Herndon


Dr. J. Marvin Herndon, as dubbed by the Washington Post, is a "Maverick Geophysicist." His scientific life is characterized by discovering and correcting mistakes made by government-funded scientists, leading to a new understanding of Earth’s origin, internal composition, evidence of a nuclear fission reactor as the source of the geomagnetic field, and a new understanding of Earth’s surface geology and dynamics. For the past five years, he has disclosed the composition and consequences of ‘chemtrails,’ and consequently has had his reputation impugned, public health articles unwarrantedly retracted, and his Wikipedia page minimized and corrupted by professional disinformation agents. Recently, he discovered pollution particles, not carbon dioxide, causes global warming.




Past Shows:

  • Earth's Shifting Core / The Dystopian Age

    Maverick geophysicist Dr. J. Marvin Herndon discussed the recent news about the Earth shifting its core, and his theories. Followed by investigative reporter Cheryll Jones with her interview with filmmaker Frank Jacob on the dystopian threat.More »
  • Biosphere Breakdown / Near-Death Experiences

    Geophysicist J. Marvin Herndon argued that geoengineering is destroying Earth's biosphere. Followed by author Jeffrey Long, M.D. on his near-death experience research.More »
  • Earth's Inner Core / ET & UFO Encounters

    Geophysicist J. Marvin Herndon discussed evolving ideas about Earth's inner core, and his status as a "maverick" scientist. Followed by UFO photographer and cosmic channeler Lily Nova on her other-worldly communications and documentation.More »
  • Geoengineering & Chemtrails / Remote Viewing Insights

    Physicist J. Marvin Herndon shared his contention that geoengineering helped create some of the recent wildfires, and droughts. Followed by remote viewer Ed Dames with predictive insights.More »
  • Geoengineering Dangers / The Talking Mongoose

    J. Marvin Herndon argued that chemtrails have created an ecological and health disaster. Followed by Tim Swartz on Gef the Talking Mongoose.More »
  • Aerial Spraying / Origins of Christmas

    J. Marvin Herndonwarned about the spraying of particulates in the air. Followed by Rosemary Ellen Guiley on the roots of Christmas, and angels.More »
  • Bitcoin & Marijuana / Climate & Chemtrails

    In the first half, reporter David Seaman discussed the latest developments surrounding the digital currency Bitcoin, and also addressed the increasing legalization of marijuana in the US. In the latter half, physicist and chemist Dr. Marvin Herndon spoke about how the...More »
  • Heaven/Earth

    In the first half of the show Kevin Malarkey shared extraordinary reports from his son, Alex, about his meetings with Jesus, angels, and visits to heaven, after the boy was paralyzed in a horrific car accident in 2004, at the age of 6. In the second half of the show,...More »
  • Methane Fears / Sumerian Texts

    In the first half of the program, scientist J. Marvin Herndon and Richard C. Hoagland discussed methane gas fears in the Gulf disaster. In the latter half of the show, Mike Heiser shared his research critique of Zecharia Sitchin's work.More »
  • Earth, Geophysics & the Solar System

    Maverick geophysicist Dr. J. Marvin Herndon shared his latest scientific findings related to the formation of the Earth and the Solar System, and also touched on such topics as the earth's core and global warming.According to his theory, the Earth was once a huge Jupiter-like...More »
  • Earth as Power Source

    Geophysicist J. Marvin Herndon, who has called the Earth a gigantic natural nuclear power plant, was Barbara's guest this Saturday night. He discussed his research into the feasibility of a nuclear fission reactor at the center of our Earth.More »
  • Richard C. Hoagland / J. Marvin Herndon

    First Hour Update of NASA EventsHerndon has researched the feasibility of a nuclear fission reactor at the center of the Earth as the energy source for the geomagnetic field and described a natural mechanism that would lead to variations in energy production and thus variations...More »

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