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Natural Health Remedies / Psychic Abilities

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In the first half, pharmacist Ben Fuchs talked about natural health remedies and the vitamins, nutrients, and minerals that our bodies need to maintain good health. For the issue of hand tremors or shaking, he suggested that it could be related to too much sugar intake, and that ideal blood flow was not reaching the extremities. Slow deep breathing increases oxygen and can reduce the problem, he added. For strengthening bones and muscles, he recommended resistance training, such as through weights, calisthenics, or exercise bands.

Liver or kidney problems are often indicators of blood sugar issues, Fuchs stated. He advised taking B vitamins, eating more fiber, and drinking more water to lower blood sugar. Most chronic health challenges are related to what he called 'dirty' or 'sticky' blood that doesn't efficiently circulate and deliver nutrients to various parts of the body. However, such conditions can be reversed with the proper diet, supplements, and exercise, he asserted. The supplement glucosamine helps to keep your skin healthy, and is a natural way to improve blood circulation, he added.


Former University adjunct and highly recognized educator Elly Molina holds a master's degree in Linguistics from NYU and has been educating people for four decades. In the latter half, she discussed her work helping children and adults develop and utilize their psychic and intuitive abilities. Everyone has psychic abilities, she contends, and during the alpha brain wave state (akin to daydreaming) intuitive information is more likely to come through. Working with children, she found that the use of affirmations (like 'all the answers come easily and effortlessly to me') improved test scores compared to kids in other districts who didn't engage in this practice. Children with psychic abilities tend to have higher levels of confidence and emotional intelligence, she reported. These skills may give them a stronger sense of control over their environment, she explained.

In helping clients develop psychic skills and mind power, Molina works with people's "self-talk," the thoughts in their head that may limit them. Instead of labeling yourself and ruminating on the past, she advises focusing on the present moment and maintaining a positive mindset. She puts people in the alpha state through a meditation exercise, and employs a 'treasure box' visualization metaphor for them to discover their psychic intuitions. Molina described "universal consciousness" as a kind of vast global sphere that we're all tapped into and includes the past, present, and future. During the last hour, she gave readings for callers.

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