Uri Geller / Trinity UFO Crash

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Uri Geller / Trinity UFO Crash

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In the first half, celebrated paranormalist Uri Geller discussed his storied career and shared his perspective on world affairs, particularly on Vladimir Putin and the attack on Ukraine. He speculated that Putin might have a serious illness or delirium, and noticed that Putin shares a curious similarity in appearance to the Roman ruler Julius Caesar. He pointed out that just yesterday was the Ides of March, the day that Caesar was assassinated by his own senators in 44 BC. Geller also talked about how he uses positive affirmations to start each day, such as 'I feel focused' and 'I am an achiever, and I get things done.'

He recalled how the CIA tested his psychic and mental abilities, but in his 1973 appearance on the Johnny Carson show, he was unsuccessful in spoon bending on cue because he felt the energy was off. Thinking that his career might be damaged after that, he was surprised to hear from Merv Griffin, who called to book him on his show, and Geller's fame increased. Additionally, he recounted his meeting with the legendary rocket scientist Wernher von Braun, who showed him metallic pieces alleged to come from a UFO, and something kept in a freezer (Geller declined to state what that was but implied it was a specimen). Toward the end of his interview, he conducted another of his live mind-over-matter experiments, inviting listeners to bring their broken watches and appliances near the radio as he exhorted them to "work."


In the latter half, one of the most respected authors in the field of ufology, Jacques F. Vallee and photojournalist and UFO investigative reporter Paola Harris talked about their work on the 1945 Trinity UFO crash case, which was said to occur near the site of the first atomic blast (code-named "Trinity") in San Antonio, New Mexico. The crash took place at a cattle ranch where two boys (Reme Baca and Jose Padilla) worked. They saw an avocado-shaped aerial craft crash into a tower and start a fire in the fields, Vallee reported. The two kids headed toward the object, near bushes on fire, and witnessed three short humanoids inside their ship. However, it wasn't until some 60 years after the incident that they came forward with their testimony. Vallee pointed out that during WWII, the populace was trained to keep quiet over possible military incidents, and that the boys were terrified about what they witnessed.

Harris revisited the location with Padilla, who described the craft occupants as having long spindly arms, big heads, and powerful eyes. At the time, the boys thought of the small occupants as children, and they observed they were making a crying sound as though injured. They retrieved some artifacts from the site, and Sabrina Padilla (Jose's sister) recalled playing with metal strips that curled up and then returned to their original shape (similar in description to some of the Roswell 'memory metals'), Harris detailed. Vallee compared the Trinity crash in importance to the Socorro (Lonnie Zamora) case, and the French Valensole incident, which also involved avocado-shaped craft rather than flying saucers.

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