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ECETI Ranch / Open Lines

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In the first half, multiple near-death experiencer and UFO contactee James Gilliland joined Connie Willis (info) to discuss the reopening of his ECETI Ranch (Enlightened Contact with ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence) in Washington state. Over the years, he claimed, various phenomena have been observed at the ranch, including Bigfoot, ETs, mysterious orbs of light, and even leprechauns. After a period of closure due to weather and road conditions, the ranch will be open again this May. Gilliland shared that he is also involved in a new project: the development of a new ranch in Hawaii, which was chosen for its location in a high-frequency area.

He outlined his own philosophy, which include empowering the individual, "getting back to universal law," and honoring the Great Spirit's desire to share creation with humanity. Beyond our own species, he went on, are "very advanced beings" that coexist with us in a "unified field of consciousness and energy." Ultimately, Gilliland explained, the goal is for us to raise our own frequency in this field; the result will be the liberation of Earth and our awakening to our own cosmic consciousness.

Gilliland warned, however, that several forces are working against our ability to raise in frequency, amounting to nothing less than a multidimensional war involving the human realms of politics and finance, as well as demonic, reptilian, and extraterrestrial entities that seek to suppress our progress. Even the UFO and spiritual communities are susceptible to in-fighting and corruption, threatening their own effectiveness and power, he continued.


Listeners had a number of questions for Gilliland during Open Lines in the second half. When Sean in Idaho. for example, asked him to elaborate on the satanic connection to our struggle to increase our frequency, Gilliland pointed to the Luciferians, a group tied to international bankers and globalists whom, he claimed, have been responsible for wars, human trafficking, and poverty in decades past. Jim in British Columbia wondered whether suppressive forces in government have interfered with attempts to research paranormal phenomenon, which Gilliland affirmed. Black helicopters have visited ECETI "on a regular basis," he related, and high-ranking military officers have threatened him over the discoveries and insights he's made public.

In the final hour, Patricia in California called to tell the story of an orb captured in a photograph she took of her son. Upon analyzing an unusual spot in the photo, she said, the two discovered an orb of light in the shape of an elaborate scene: a robed Christ figure atop a collection of skulls. And Clarence in New York recounted an eerie experience he had while institutionalized many years ago. After a string of encounters with the color gold, he recalled, he looked outside to see a golden orb, which flew out of sight and was replaced by another like it.

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