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HostGeorge Knapp

GuestsRich Hoffman, Adrian Lee

2021 was another breakthrough year for UFO research and investigations. UFO researcher Rich Hoffman joined host George Knapp to talk about UFO/UAP investigations and highlight the upcoming Anomalous Aerospace Phenomena Conference in June. The conference features talks about UFOs from the Navy's perspective, German research into UAPs, and national security implications of scientifically studying the phenomenon. Hoffman co-founded the Scientific Coalition for UAP Studies (SCU) which was created to encourage scientists to take the topic more seriously. SCU currently has 190 people with high degrees across multiple disciplines from academia and the intelligence community. "We're now bringing the scientists... they're all now wanting to participate, they're all looking to write papers," Hoffman explained, noting there seems to be permission to discuss the topic now even where he works at the Department of Defense. "I can be open about this completely... they might even tell me about their individual encounters," he revealed.

There's a broader picture than UFOs — there may be connections to other things, Hoffman continued. Included in the National Defense Authorization Act is a part dealing with the psychological effects of UAP encounters, he reported. "For the longest time there has been effects to people, and pilots, and witnesses... that nobody has bothered to investigate, Hoffman added. He suggested applying technology calibrated specifically for UFO research to aid in getting a multi-sensory perspective on how UAPs operated and what they are doing. Hoffman also commented on the 'Tic Tac' UFO incident done by SCU. His investigators looked at everything from eyewitness reports to a frame-by-frame examination of the video footage to what they could measure about the object mathematically (such as kinetic power output). "All of these things amounted to the fact that this was way beyond... anything that we know of on the planet Earth," Hoffman concluded.


Adrian Lee, founder of The International Paranormal Society and a member of the Luton Paranormal Society in England, has investigated ghosts and paranormal activity all over the world for 25 years. During the second half of the program, he revealed connections between UFOs and paranormal phenomena as well as shared some of his own remarkable experiences, including investigating a haunted hotel in Minnesota. "I stood behind the bar and suddenly the equipment started going off signaling all the readings that you would get for EMF changes, air pressure, humidity, all of those kind of empirical readings, and then suddenly at the end of the bar a figure appeared," he reported. Lee described the figure as humanoid in shape but made from heavy dark smoke, and it walked toward him before disappearing.

He shared a bizarre account from UFO researcher Ted Phillips who told him about a UFO that landed next to a factory and was seen by the employees there. "For several weeks afterward the place was so juiced up... that paranormal activity was crazy, they saw dead people all over the place," he explained. According to Lee, the UFO provided energy for the ghosts to manifest. Ghosts and UFOs are energetic phenomena, energy is information, and information can be studied, he suggested. Since energy dissipates one does not typically encounter ghosts from periods earlier than a couple centuries ago, Lee added. He also pointed out most modern UFO sightings appear to be energy-related, involving spheres and lights instead of mechanical 'nut and bolt' objects. The paranormal and UFOs need to be connected so we can push the research further down the road, Lee proposed.



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