Rich Hoffman

Rich Hoffman


Rich Hoffman is a 25+ year Army Information Technology (IT) defense contractor with By Light IT Professional Services. He is a senior lead architect working in the US Army Materiel Command Headquarters at Redstone Arsenal, Huntsville, Alabama helping to shape the future directions of systems, networks and hosting arrangements used within the Army. For the past 55 years, since his eighth grade science class and timed with the Lonnie Zamora sighting in April 1964, Rich has been pursuing his primary interest in investigating, researching and lecturing on the subject of UFOs. He has investigated nearly a thousand cases and reviewed most of the cases in MUFON, Project Blue Book and other databases.

He worked cooperatively on cases and presented at Wright Patterson AFB on the subject of UFOs with many FTD staff in attendance. In 2017, Richard and a few others formed the Scientific Coalition for Ufology (SCU), a think tank composed of over 60 scientists, industry professionals, academics and researchers (22 PhDs) who are dedicated to applying scientific principles to the study of the phenomena.


Past Shows:

  • UAP Research / Ghosts & UFOs

    UFO researcher Rich Hoffman talked about UFO/UAP investigations and the upcoming Anomalous Aerospace Phenomena Conference in June. Followed by investigator Adrian Lee, founder of the International Paranormal Society, who revealed connections between UFOs and paranormal phenomena.More »
  • Ufology Special: Breakthrough Cases

    Three veteran UFO experts, Rich Hoffman, Robert Powell, and Kevin Knuth, talked about breakthrough ufology cases, and recovered metamaterials.More »
  • UFOs: Theories & Technology

    Michael Masters posited UFOs as time travelers. Followed by Jack Sarfatti on the technology of the Tic Tac UFOs, and Rich Hoffman on anomalies of them.More »

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