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Poisonings & Bioweapons / Past Life Therapy

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A graduate of the University of Texas School of Law, John E. O'Neill clerked with Chief Justice William Rehnquist at the US Supreme Court. In the first half, he discussed the history of poisonings, bioweapons, and assassinations in places such as Russia, the Soviet Union, and China. There have been some 26 poisonings that he believes Vladimir Putin was behind. One of the most notorious was the poisoning of Sergei Skripal, a former Russian military officer, and his daughter, who were living in the UK. Russian agents were alleged to have smeared a military-grade nerve agent on Skripal's door. He characterized Putin as a "chip off the old block," as his father was a KGB executioner in Ukraine.

One of the reasons authoritarian leaders use poison on prominent figures who oppose them, he explained, is to cover up the cause of their illness or death. For instance, someone may suddenly have a heart attack, though it was secretly brought about by potassium poisoning. He recounted the 1928 case involving Anna Pavlova, a famed Russian ballerina, who refused to return to Russia at Joseph Stalin's directive. Subsequently, she seemingly came down with pneumonia and died while on tour. She believed she'd been poisoned by food in Paris, and O'Neill concluded that she had indeed been a victim of Stalin's agents. Stalin himself was eventually poisoned by members of his inner circle, O'Neill added. He also suggested that China and its President Xi eliminate or 'disappear' people regularly, may have developed COVID-19 as a bioweapon in a lab, and run camps where the Uyghurs are sometimes sterilized or organ harvested.


Hypnotherapist and past life regression specialist, Steve Burgess, has assisted thousands of clients with a wide range of issues. In the latter half, he talked about how past life regressions can help remove problems such as phobias and anxieties. We all carry emotional baggage from the past, and the causes of our issues are locked-in emotions from past traumas, he said, adding that he estimates that at least 60% of phobias are associated with our past lives. "What we're aiming to do in regression," he explained, "is to relive those traumas, to go back into them and release the energy of the trauma." When re-experiencing traumatic deaths from past lives, people not only find relief from psychological issues but also lose their fear of dying in this life, he noted.

One of his clients was suffering from depression, which he concluded was caused by incidents from several of her past lives: in one, she was a woman who couldn't come to terms with the death of her child; in another, she was a young flower seller who was raped and murdered by her doctor; in the next life she was a man who was killed when soldiers raided his village. As a result of his regression sessions, her depression dissolved and never came back, he reported. Burgess also detailed sessions with a client who had a past life as a benevolent Reptilian entity, who was held captive and tortured at an underground base by a malicious Reptilian commander.

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