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Adrian Lee is the founder of The International Paranormal Society and a member of the Luton Paranormal Society in England. He has investigated paranormal activity all over the world for 25 years, and currently lectures on ghosts, UFOs, psychic development, and angels. He joined host Ian Punnett (Twitter) on Friday's program to discuss the ghosts of restless souls who haunt battlefields, particularly those that lost their lives during the US-Dakota War in 1862. "Ghost are energy... and energy is information," Lee said, noting the level of paranormal activity at a historical battlefield site depends on how long ago a battle took place.

If you go to the beaches of Normandy where soldiers died in 1944, you would likely pick up on unresolved feelings and confusion, Lee suggested. "Because the US-Dakota War was 1862... a lot of those spirits have resolved those issues because due to time they've worked out what's going on," he revealed. Lee, who is a psychic and also utilizes paranormal investigative equipment, claimed to be in contact with the spirits of pioneers, U.S. Army personnel, and members of Native American tribes from the Dakota region. According to Lee, all groups came through equally but U.S. soldiers and pioneers are easier to understand because of shared cultural connections.

He also reported on using a spirit box to connect with the spirit of a woman named Ann Baker, who was shot and killed in a skirmish around the time of the US-Dakota War. "She told me where the best place was to talk with her," he recalled. The place where reception was best for their otherworldly conversation was a cemetery seven miles away from where they had first made contact.


Open Lines followed in the latter half of the program. Michael, a practicing Wiccan from Leon County, Florida, phoned in to talk about a report he was waiting on from NASA regarding Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) protocols. "I can't tell you exactly how I know this but protocol 54... if you'll pay close attention to that it will explain a whole bunch about what's going on right now with all this UAP stuff," he cryptically noted.

Dan, who was trucking through Kansas, told Ian about an experience his truck-driving father had in 1959. According to Dan, his father moved heavy equipment and the company he worked for had been contracted to haul the wreckage of the plane crash that killed rock 'n' roll stars Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, and "The Big Bopper" J.P. Richardson. According to Dan, his father did not take any souvenirs from the wrecked plane.

Josh from Washington State recalled the time he was serving near the Iraq/Iran border guarding an ammo depot. His shift was in the middle of the night and the rest of his squad were sleeping in the back of the truck. According to Josh, he heard someone approach the truck and start to run away so he gave chase. The squad awakened and joined Josh running after the phantom intruder who apparently disappeared after reaching the top of the berm. "Nobody could actually see it," Josh admitted.

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