Learning from Death / Alien Abductions & Blood Type

Learning from Death / Alien Abductions & Blood Type


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsGeorge Ure, Joe Montaldo

In the first half, business consultant and financial writer George Ure discussed his latest work on the taboos surrounding death and dying and how to prepare for death and take advantage of what is known about the afterlife. When it comes to dying, it's not a matter of if, it's a matter of when, Ure noted, so he approached the subject like a business person looking at a travel destination. As to what one can pack for such a trip, he considers that memories, feelings, and emotions can go with us, but our money and property must stay behind. A recent study by NYU's School of Medicine found many commonalities in reports made by people who were dying, or were saved by resuscitation and came back from the 'Other Side.' The sensation of consciousness floating out of the head often begins the experience. Then they travel outside of the body anywhere from the operating room if they're in the hospital or all the way to the stars.

Those who come back from NDEs often speak of the life review process. "Picture a Go Pro [video camera] going with you all the way from birth to death and not only recording everything you see, everything you hear but also with additional tracks that playback the emotions and thoughts of other people around you...Once you start figuring out that life is like a 30,000 day Go Pro shoot" and you're going to watch it all in the end, you may want to start adjusting your behavior to yield the best possible footage, he remarked. Continuing the analogy, he spoke about the "film school of life," where we take responsibility as the 'director' of our lives. By studying death, Ure realized it became a practicum on learning how to live life.


Joe Montaldo is co-founder, international director, and spokesperson for the International Community for Alien Research (ICAR). In the latter half, he revealed how the majority of alien abductees have Rh-negative blood type (yet, in the general population only 15% are Rh-negative). Some 69% in one survey of contactees had the negative blood type, and curiously "no one knows where Rh negative came from," he said, adding that it first showed up 35,000 to 40,000 years ago. This doesn't mean that if you're Rh positive, you can't be a contactee, he added, just that there seems to be a preference for the negative type. Montaldo speculated that the aliens could be attempting to subtly change the populace, as Rh-negative is associated with blue and green eyes, which are becoming more commonplace.

He also shared updates on his work tracking two main types of aliens-- Greys and Reptilians. The two species employ different technologies and do not generally work together, he suggested. Many ancient cultures worshiped the Reptilians, but the beings were considered evil after the time of Christ, yet we all have a Reptilian section in our brains, he cited. Some of them seem to be winged, or have gills, and they are generally said to be 7-8 ft. tall and weigh around 500-600 lbs, he reported. Like the Greys, the Reptilians abduct people within family lines, and can be fairly protective of them though they may have little regard for other humans, Montaldo said. One of the reasons the Greys came to Earth, he continued, was to possibly keep humans and Reptilians from warring with each other. He further speculated that the three main blood types-- A, B, and O originate with the three different species-- humans, Greys, and Reptilians.

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