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Food Shortages & Solar Activity / ESP & Mentalism

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Former international coffee buyer, David DuByne has witnessed the effects of climate cycles on global farming. In the first half, he discussed how he found a correlation between solar activity (like the Grand Minimum) and agricultural losses. He expects to see food shortages beginning this year. DuByne believes that the sun's cycle is causing the other planets in our solar system to go through electromagnetic shifts, like what's happening to Earth. Material and food scarcity, inflation, and supply chain problems are escalating, he contends, and these are indicators that we're heading into cataclysmic times. Food shortages will lead to rationing, he continued, with the rollout of digital rationing cards.

Starting in May of this year, he foresees reduced rail deliveries of farm inputs to the Northern Hemisphere, with shortages blamed on Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Fertilizer shortages will also affect farmers, and we could begin to see food riots in smaller countries dependent on imports, he said. By October of 2022, DuByne forecasts that all Western countries will be aware of food shortages, riots will start, and troops will be stationed inside supermarkets, food warehouses, and grain silos across America. He recommends that people stock up on storable foods, as well as start growing their own fruits and vegetables (focusing on nutrient-dense items like dark leafy greens), and learn about wild foraging.


Mystic artist/magician Joseph Diamond has cultivated his psychic and ESP abilities, which he claims everyone also possesses and can exercise given practice. In the latter half, he talked about his mindreading abilities and updated his work on telepathy, haunted objects, and Ouija boards. He demonstrates psychometry on stage, where he holds onto a physical object that belongs to an audience member and shares his unfiltered impressions and intuitions. Psychometry, he explained, is based on the idea that items that we carry with us can absorb a part of our personality. Regarding haunted objects, he shared a tale of a spooky doll he purchased named Flora (made by an artist exhibiting at the haunted Dole Mansion). Just after he got the doll, he and his wife decided to watch a horror movie, "The Innocents," and the name of the little girl in the film was Flora. Right after that, another synchronicity occurred when he randomly selected "The Invisible Man" to watch next, and that turned out to have a main character named Flora.

Diamond discussed his explorations of the Ouija board and his conclusion that the planchette's movements are caused by the users and not otherworldly spirits. Interestingly, he noted that the Ouija board was the subject of one of the first patent dispute cases. For more on his debunking of spirits communicating via the Ouija board, view his video demo on The Modern Rogue. In his stage show, he uses the Ouija board to spell out the names of celebrities that audience members are thinking of. He conducted a live telepathy experiment on Coast, asking the listeners to think of a number, a compass direction, a color, and a verb. George correctly matched two of the items that he was thinking.

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