Astrology Predictions / Planet X & Biblical Prophecy

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Astrology Predictions / Planet X & Biblical Prophecy

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A student of astrology for over 30 years, Leslie McGuirk regularly teaches at Rancho La Puerta Spa in Tecate, Mexico. In the first half, she shared predictions about important changes in 2022, and different aspects of astrology signs and planetary alignments that affect people's lives and personalities. Pluto, the planet of death and rebirth, is returning to the location it was in when the United States was formed (on the dates July 11th and December 28th specifically). This means that America is going through a rebirth (for better or worse), and that transformation is on the table, she commented. Neptune, the planet that rules illusions, and art & creativity, is near Jupiter, which expands its qualities, she said. This is either a time of great creativity and artistry or it's about the con artist, so we need to figure out which way to express this energy, McGuirk explained.

The Neptune cycle also highlights an issue with water, which could indicate a massive storm, water shortages, or just the heaviness of emotions, she detailed. During this time, McGuirk recommended visiting friends, and reducing stress and exposure to negative media. She cited the upcoming date of May 3rd as a "bright spot" with high energy, and hopes that it may be the time when the war in Ukraine ends. She likened a person's astrological signs and aspects to a piece of music that you are born with, which can be played in different ways. She also used the analogy of a car's four tires to describe the balance of air, water, fire, and earth signs that people have in their charts. "When a person is completely missing an element, it is often indicative of a place where the body is weak," she noted.


In the latter half, publisher of Mysterious World books, Doug Elwell, discussed his research on Planet X, as well as biblical prophecy, ancient giants, and the riddle of the Sphinx. He cited the work of Zecharia Sitchin as influential on his theories about Planet X. However, he has concluded that the mysterious object swings by Earth every 2,000 years (Sitchin said it was every 3,600 years). According to Elwell, the rogue world is a harbinger of epic change, and the Star of Bethlehem was really Planet X. He believes that Planet X and its satellites are now entering our inner solar system, but they will have the look of a dark comet and can only be seen when they move closer to the sun (see related material Elwell sent us).

He proposed the possibility that the throne described in Revelation 5 is actually the appearance of Planet X, and that John the Revelator was taken there. Regarding biblical prophecy, Elwell suggested that Vladimir Putin could be "Gog" of Ezekiel 38-39, described as a Russian of German ancestry who rules over the land of Magog (Russia). After the old USSR is rebuilt, they will team up with additional countries and then attack Israel, though they'll be defeated, Elwell added. His study of Old Testament prophecy led him to the idea that the "tsohar" (a device used to communicate with God) is buried underneath the Sphinx and will be discovered in End Times.

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