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Earthbound Spirits / Open Lines

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Real-life ghostbuster and consultant to the television series Ghost Whisperer, Mary Ann Winkowski shared some of her latest adventures with earthbound spirits. "Everybody attends their funerals," she revealed, describing how the ghost of the person in the casket will always stand to the right of their coffin. At the end of the funeral service most spirits will walk into the light, Winkowski noted. She recalled the time at four years old when she discovered she could see dead people — something she thought others could do. It was around seven or eight years old when she figured out no one else around her had these unique abilities.

According to Winkowski, earthbound spirits love the COVID era. Spirits do not eat or sleep and require human energy to keep going, she explained, observing how the pandemic caused the populace at large to be stressed, anxious, and afraid. Winkowski, who had previously done her ghostbusting work by phone, reported on what she is able to do for people via video conference. "I could actually see the ghost in the house, I still can't talk to them [on a video call]," she revealed, noting the spirits can mime answers to questions. "It just makes me feel good to know that the information I can give [families], or remove what's there, that life is normal for them," she added. Winkowski also identified theaters and film/television studios as the most haunted places she has ever visited.


The latter half of the program was devoted to Open Lines. Ed in Jackson, Michigan, proposed his theory about the intersection of two total solar eclipses near Carbondale, Illinois, possibly triggering the New Madrid fault. During the August 17, 2017 solar eclipse, the longest period of totality was centered around Carbondale, Illinois. This will happen again in Carbondale in 2024, Ed noted. According to Ed, this could set up the potential for an earthquake with effects felt from Carbondale all the way down to New Orleans. "This will trigger a 150-mile-wide cave in of the Mississippi River, and will go all the way and reverse the direction of the Mississippi," he suggested.

Mark from Las Vegas spoke about his belief in reincarnation, citing the circumstances that led him to believe we have lived before. Mark recalled having a vivid dream in 1996 when he was working the graveyard shift at the Sands Hotel and Casino. In the dream, he saw a woman dressed in 19th-century clothing repeating a phrase that eventually included her full name — Jane Pierce. Mark looked up the name in an encyclopedia and discovered Jane Pierce was the wife of President Franklin Pierce and first lady from 1853 to 1857. "The picture in the encyclopedia looked just like the woman in my dream," he revealed. Mark believes he was President Pierce in a former life and the vision of Jane Pierce was warning him about his present wife's health issues.

The final half hour featured a replay from 3/8/2004 when author Jordan Maxwell spoke about ufology, symbols, and secret societies.

News segment guests: Sandra Champlain / Kevin Randle

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