AC/DC & Bon Scott's Death / Open Lines

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AC/DC & Bon Scott's Death / Open Lines

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Ian Punnett (Twitter) welcomed journalist and editor Jesse Fink for a discussion on the legendary rock band AC/DC. He spoke of the challenges he encountered in getting to the heart of the story about singer Bon Scott, his death, and his contribution to the Back in Black album. A number of well-known rock musicians were not comfortable opening up about Scott, Fink explained, noting musicians are notoriously cautious about with whom they speak. Phil Rudd, original AC/DC drummer, agreed to a phone interview and to go on the record about Scott, he continued. "He managed to answer a few questions about Bon Scott and then suddenly out of nowhere just completely clammed up... and hung up," Fink revealed, adding it was very unusual.

The official report of Scott's death notes he went to a club with friend Mick Cocks and was later found dead by another friend, Alistair Kinnear, in a car. A coroner concluded Scott died of acute alcohol poisoning. Fink has a different view of Scott's death. "I think that he finished the lyrics to Back in Black that night, he decided he wanted to go out and celebrate," he suggested. According to Fink, Scott hooked up with Kinnear, a heroin dealer, and at least three other people that night. Fink believes Scott ultimately succumbed to pulmonary aspiration of vomit from an overdose, and was likely already dead when his friends left him in the car. Fink estimated Scott may have written anywhere from 40 to 70 percent of the lyrical content of Back in Black, though he remains uncredited on the album.


Open Lines followed in the latter half of the program. Steve from New York told Ian he was performing maintenance on his air conditioning system and discovered it was filled with dark "clumps of jelly" that he described as black mold. "If I had plugged it in without cleaning it, I would be throwing that stuff through the house," he explained. Ian read a tweet from BananaSkyDive, who identified the clumps of jelly as "copious amounts of skin cells and water." According to BananaSkyDive, there may also have been fungus in the jellylike substance, but it was composed mainly of skin cells.

Chris in Australia reported witnessing UFOs on multiple occasions. "I've seen some... cruises that have like a tourist type capacity in our orbit just cruising around Earth," he revealed. According to Chris, he was also the target of harassment by intelligence agencies. "I found myself being exposed to intelligence people wearing Harry Potter suits, totally invisible and able to walk through the walls of my car, my house," he claimed, noting they have had this technology for nearly 25 years. Chris recounted being choked by an unseen assailant and running into the ocean where he discovered they could not get to him. Their technology does not penetrate water, he noted.


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