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Yardbirds drummer Jim McCarty has had a lifelong quest to unravel the mysteries of the world that exist beyond the world in which we live, beginning with a childhood fascination with the paranormal that only gathered strength as he grew older. He joined host Richard Syrett (Twitter) to explore the world hidden just out of reach, the shadows that are just out of sight, and the certainty that there is an enduring connection between the living and the dead — the subject he explores in his new book, She Walks in Beauty.

McCarty recalled his days on the road with the Yardbirds lead vocalist Keith Relf. The two would share rooms together and chat about UFOs and spiritualism, he revealed. McCarty credited his success as a musician with allowing him to travel the world and meet wonderful people, which "led to a huge growing of consciousness... it's all part of the same thing."

He spoke about evidential medium Suzanne Giesemann who taught him how to communicate with loved ones across the veil. "I was managing to contact [late wife] Lizzie and get some evidence from it," McCarty said. For him, these communications came as images or pictures in his mind. According to McCarty, communicating across the veil starts with meditation and gratitude. "Consciousness does go on, we don't die, we don't finish altogether, and we don't go to hell, it seems to be a very pleasant place where most of these people are," he noted.


The latter half featured William Stickevers, counseling astrologer since 1988. He shared his high-level perspective on global events through the lens of geopolitical, financial, and archetypal astrology, and how Global Transformation Astrology provides a broader worldview and a deeper understanding of global events and how they affect us all. He commented on the different zodiacs astrologers use, noting "there's no consensus on where the zodiac starts and ends... that's the big problem." Stickevers utilizes the tropical or fixed-base system for his work. "Whatever system you're committed to using you will get the result because the universe is intelligent, it's self-aware... through your intention, it'll provide you exactly what you're looking for," he explained.

According to Stickevers, billionaires and hedge fund managers consult astrologers, especially in times of crisis. Astrologers are currently busy in Washington, D.C., because of geopolitical turmoil, he added. "When everything tanks... I started getting lots of calls," he revealed, adding astrology gives a good assessment of where things are moving. From an archetypal perspective, there is a correspondence between the celestial and the terrestrial, he noted. Certain things will happen and the way one responds can modify the outcome, Stickevers continued. "Destiny is negotiable to a degree, but not everything can be avoided," he disclosed, pointing out that some things or situations are necessary for development both individually and as a civilization.

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