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Paranormal Property / Open Lines

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In the first half, retired teacher and farmer Lee Hampel joined Connie Willis (info) to relate his stories of a number of unusual activities and otherworldly creatures he claims he's encountered on his property in rural Wisconsin. Before purchasing this farmland in 2007, Hampel said, he was dismissive of claims of the paranormal; his experiences there since, however, have convinced him otherwise. Among the cryptids he's seen on his land are a "dogman" which he estimates to be over six feet tall—a creature that's come to be known as the Beast of Bray Road—and a hyena-like being with an awkward walk. In addition to directly observing these creatures, Hampel has identified numerous tracks belonging to them and patches of their hair, and has found the remains of deer partially eaten by them, he continued (related images).

Hampel claimed to have seen other phenomena on his farm as well. Captured by the cameras he's positioned around the property, he explained, are images of UFOs, unexplained orbs and figures, and a thick mist that often obscures visibility. He has thousands of such photos, but is hoping to share them via a television show or documentary film rather than releasing them right away, he went on.


Hampel stayed on in the third hour to talk to callers. Although two listeners challenged his claim that a figure in one of his images is of a paranormal entity—suggesting it's a cat or a bird—Hampel insisted that the camera was positioned several feet off the ground, and didn't offer a place for such animals to perch. Calling from Arizona, Ronald suggested that Hampel contact cryptozoologist Linda Godfrey in order to share data on the dogman and potentially work together.

Open Lines callers in the final hour included Ryan in Ohio, who reported a harrowing secondhand story of a Kentucky cave explorer who survived a would-be attack by a baboon-like creature. After being pursued through the cave system over a few days and five miles, the spelunker finally emerged to safety, said the listener. Gordon in Florida expressed his concern that through their student loan programs, universities were ripping off both taxpayers and students, and that if left unchecked, the system would cause the US dollar to crash. And Tom in California shared the surprising result of his trying to track his cat's movements with a hidden infrared camera: the footage revealed small luminous patterns that moved around the room like a school of fish.

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