Lee Hampel

Lee Hampel


Lee Hampel grew up on a Dairy Farm in Northeastern, Illinois and is a graduate of Northern Illinois University with mathematics and chemistry majors. He purchased some land and soon found out there have been many unexplained entities that live there. He taught high school, and is now retired. He’s been on Travel Channel shows: Legend Hunter, In Search of Monsters, and Paranormal Declassified, as well as Discovery Channel's Expedition X. He is married with two kids and lives in Wauconda, Illinois.


Past Shows:

  • Tarot Readings / Dogman & Cryptids

    Professional psychic John Russell discusses about the history and uses of Tarot. Followed by Lee Hampel who reported on his sightings of UFOs and cryptids, including the Dogman, in rural Wisconsin.More »
  • Paranormal Property / Open Lines

    Lee Hampel discussed sightings of otherworldly beings and multiple instances of mutilated deer on his property. Followed by Open Lines.More »

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