Self-Reliance Tips / Apparitions, Contact, & Shamans

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Self-Reliance Tips / Apparitions, Contact, & Shamans

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Former CIA officer Jason Hanson is an expert on safety and survival. In the first half, he highlighted the importance of self-reliance in the face of various threats, and offered commentary on current events. "The number one threat is relying too much on the government," he remarked. He said he learned from his time in the CIA that the government and media were saying things that were in opposition to what he knew to be true. He cautioned that we need to take cyber-threats very seriously as that's how our electrical grid or water treatment plants could be compromised. On a personal level, he recommended that people install VPN software on their computers to protect their data, and freeze their credit reports with the three major bureaus to fend off identity theft.

Instead of relying on the government in a dire situation, people should build up a food storage supply, he advised, "and do everything in your power to be prepared." Regarding his training program, he teaches individuals to escape from things like duct tape, rope, and handcuffs, as well as how to detect deception and drive evasively. He noted that out of the thousands who have done his coursework, around 75 people have used some of the techniques in real-life dangerous situations. Hanson also spoke about carrying a "tactical pen"-- a self-defense tool that you can take everywhere. It's made out of hard metal, and in addition to serving as a pen, it could smash out a window, for instance.


Dr. Greg Little is a psychologist turned explorer and an expert on the American prophet Edgar Cayce. In the latter half, he discussed how alien contact is closely related to Native American beliefs and shamanism, as well as how things like UFOs, apparitions, and anomalies may relate to higher intelligences that interacted with ancient civilizations. Shamans alter their consciousness to get into contact with a higher power, though not necessarily what we would consider ETs, he explained. Little said he does believe in the Ancient Astronaut Theory (that ETs interacted with humanity in the past), and noted that even the skeptical Carl Sagan estimated that ETs had visited Earth 10,000 times over a 2 million year period.

Little shared a fascinating Native American origin tale of how our entire existence emerged from a singularity (a single point of pure spiritual energy). The singularity split into two parts or forces-- creation and entropy, he continued. He delved into a Missouri UFO flap that began in the 1960s, and how one investigator concluded that what was being observed were "intelligent plasma forms." He also reported on the Virgin Mary apparitions that were repeatedly seen and photographed at a church in Zeitoun, Egypt in 1968. Little coined the term TIIME beings (temporal intrusions of intelligent manifesting energy) to describe angelic entities or messengers.

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