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Remote Viewing / NDEs & the Other Side

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In the first half, Stephan Schwartz, a founder of modern Remote Viewing research and the principal researcher of Remote Viewing in archaeology, discussed the latest scientific research on using remote viewing to predict the future. In an ongoing experiment he's been conducting since the late 1970s, he's led a group of several thousand participants to focus on dates in the 2050s and 2060s in order to create, through consciousness itself, a pathway for seeing what the future holds during those periods. Along the way, Schwartz predicted, a major disruptive event—though not a nuclear war—will take place between 2030 and 2045, radically redefining the way life is lived on Earth.

Touching on the attention that UAP have been getting in recent congressional hearings, Schwartz argued that there's no question that intelligent civilizations exist outside of Earth. The inhabitants of these civilizations behave as though they are studying human populations in a systematic way—and in fact, a central question they seem to be interested in is whether humanity is at the tipping point of destroying itself through its own technological advances, he continued.

Schwartz also reported that he continues to study social transformation, specifically in the context of the challenging times in which we now live. "I'm very concerned that an awful lot that's going on in this country is not fostering well-being," he said. Of particular interest to Schwartz is the power that individual people have to change the social consciousness of an entire civilization. Citing Gandhi's ability to convince the British to leave India, he explained that underlying this radical social change was the psychic will of a critical mass of the population to seek a greater well-being.


Psychic and metaphysician Dr. Linda Salvin joined the show in the latter half to tell the story of how she came to have her extrasensory abilities. A near-death experience in a plane crash, she claimed, resulted in her acquiring psychic and clairvoyant abilities. As a former lab scientist, this development was mysterious and shocking for her, related Salvin. Other revelations that came to her as a result of a lifetime of unusual experiences include her belief in reincarnation, past lives, and a deep connection to the universe at a cosmic level.

Curses—particularly those passed down through family lineage—were another topic Salvin explored. Her own family, for example, may have been cursed, as demonstrated in part by the large number of her relatives killed in the Nazi death camps. But curses can be defeated, either on one's own or with the help of professionals like herself, she said. Among the areas of life that can be affected by curses are health, love, career, and success, she noted.

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