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Investigating Roswell

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Experts in the Roswell, New Mexico UFO crash of 1947, Tom Carey and Don Schmitt discussed their decades of investigation and research into "the granddaddy of all cases." They interviewed over 600 witnesses directly or indirectly involved in the incident, including deathbed confessions. "The testimony is unanimous that Roswell in July of 1947 did indeed happen," said Schmitt. Carey explained that through the witness testimonies, they were able to stitch all the data points together into a timeline that went from the time of the crash, to the recovery of the debris taken to the Roswell base; then the materials were sent to Ft. Worth Texas, and finally Wright-Patterson AFB in Ohio.

The military's subsequent explanation of a weather balloon doesn't hold up, said Schmitt, who noted that the debris field was nearly a mile in length. He added that "Jesse Marcel Sr. described that their first impression when they arrived at the debris field was that this was a mid-air explosion" because of the large affected area. Carey characterized the incident as the best evidence for alien visitation. Regarding the alien bodies, Schmitt said there were two deceased beings found at a secondary site about ½ mile from the debris field, and two other dead bodies at the main crash site, along with one survivor.

Carey commented that the biggest disappointment in their research was that they had not found specific physical evidence, especially for the so-called "memory metal," which he considers to be the 'Holy Grail' of the case. He praised the groundbreaking work of investigator Anthony Braglia, who found out that Wright-Patterson had farmed out the memory metal in 1948 in order to back-engineer it, and in 1962, a new kind of morphing metal called Nitinol was announced that was eventually used in the space program.

Jesse Ventura Update

Former governor of Minnesota Jesse Ventura shared his perspective on the current state of world affairs in the first hour. Speaking of 2nd Amendment rights, he advocated for gun ownership, but if people want to take their guns off their home premises, then he believes they should be licensed and registered to carry a weapon. Ventura said he'd been hosting a TV show, "The World According to Jesse," on RT-America, but the show ceased production after the Russian invasion of Ukraine began. During the show's run, he met Vladimir Putin, and at the time, he thought the Russian leader was interested in a positive relationship with the US. Since leaving RT, Ventura is focused on his new project-- "Die First Then Quit," hosted on Substack, which encourages unfiltered free speech for its content creators.

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