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King Tut Mysteries / Open Lines

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In the first half, "Psychic Lawyer" Mark Anthony shared the story of King Tutankhamun of Egypt, as well as the curse associated with the young pharaoh. In 1922, he said, an expedition led by Howard Carter uncovered Tutankhamun's tomb. The underground chamber was packed with gold-adorned items like chariots, statues, furniture, jewelry, and the pharaoh's throne. Along with Tutankhamun's mummified corpse, which was encased in a solid gold coffin, were two fetuses later confirmed to be his children. Although Tutankhamun's mummified corpse offers several clues as to his manner of living and dying, Anthony went on, the opinions of experts remain divided. Tutankhamun's body shows evidence of a violent death, for example, yet it's not clear whether this was the result of a chariot accident, homicide, or something else. In addition, Tutankhamun's heart—which would traditionally have been removed upon his death, processed according to ritual, and returned to his body—was discovered to have been missing.

The famous curse associated with Tutankhamun's tomb has a strange story behind it, Anthony explained. A fictional report of a clay tablet bearing a message forbidding entrance to the tomb was circulated by unscrupulous journalists—but the misfortune following the expedition was very real. Twenty-two people involved with the discovery and excavation of the tomb died within a few years afterward.


In the "Ask George" feature that kicked off Open Lines in the latter half, Mary in Las Vegas asked George to name a businessperson he admired. George replied that he believed Jeff Bezos to be "absolutely brilliant." Calling from Georgia, Armand shared observations about the mathematical properties of the number nine, providing several examples of the patterns nine follows when calculated in certain ways with other numbers. Kevin in Florida shared a few recurring dreams he described as "spiritual." In one, he related, Jesus Christ visited the Earth in a rainbow-colored tunnel. Kevin noticed the expression on Jesus' face, which he interpreted as "disappointed." He also noted that although these dreams have been less frequent recently, he has had out-of-body experiences more often instead.

At the end of the final hour, George paid tribute to Professor Carmen Boulter, a guest of the show who passed away recently. In the recording of one of her past appearances, Boulter recounted the discoveries she and her team made on an archaeological expedition to Egypt, where her team explored four distinct layers of artifacts buried as far as 130 feet underground (view related images).

News segment guest: Kevin Randle

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