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Steve Mera first became interested in the subject of UFOs and the paranormal at an early age. He studied at North Trafford College and GEC Electrical for five years and obtained a degree in electrical engineering. During this time, Mera began conducting research which led to numerous investigations that he carried out on in own, until opening Cheshire UFO Group. He joined guest host Connie Willis (info) to discuss his investigative Project Doorway (related images), as well as reports of multiple phenomena associated with UFO encounters.

According to Mera, the study of ufology has been hindered by keeping it compartmentalized and isolated from other unexplained phenomena. "There are attributes within these other studies of paranormal and parapsychological research which fall in line with ufological encounters," he explained, noting there are too many parallels between the paranormal and UFOs for it to be coincidence. Mera suggested UFO and other phenomena have a kind of intelligence and "as soon as you start to research it... you will have experiences." He described UFO phenomena in terms of its paranormal, metaphysical, and geological attributes. Mera revealed the intelligences behind UFO phenomena are aware of human limitations, especially frequencies we can hear. He also disclosed his theory about how UFOs get to Earth — they are manifesting here rather than traversing the universe.


During the latter half of the program, Mike Sears of Volunteer State Paranormal Research talked about his paranormal experiences and investigations, and the remarkable account of his father's death(s). Sears recounted a childhood experience he had at age five when he saw the ghost of little girl wearing a Victorian dress sitting in an antique chair in his bedroom. "I turned my back towards her... when I rolled over she was no longer in the chair, she was standing next to my bed looking me," he recalled, adding he ran downstairs to tell his parents about what had happened.

Sears described a life-changing experience he had in 1994 when his father was on his death bed. On one occasion his father described seeing a wall in their home open up and gargoyle-like creatures threaten to crucify him upside down. Sears remembered thinking the vision was induced by his palliative care medication, but the prophecy his father told him appeared to come to pass on 9-11. Sears described his father's physical state as weak (barely able to hold a glass of water), yet he was able to pick Sears up and throw him across the room. Later, his father reported seeing an six foot tall angel with blond hair and blue eyes holding a sword and standing guard in his room. According to Sears, his mom was by the father's side when he passed away. She heard his last breath and felt no pulse, he noted. After 30 minutes, the father sat up in bed and told his wife he had begged to come back to tell them everything would be okay. The father had a last meal with the family, hung out and looked at old photos, then went to bed and fell into a coma. Three days later he died the second time, Sears revealed.

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