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Premonitions & Synchronicities / Aerial Anomalies

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Dr. Stephen G. Post directs the Center for Medical Humanities, Compassionate Care, and Bioethics. In the first half, he discussed experiences of premonitions and synchronicities as well as ways to communicate with Alzheimer's patients. He recounted powerful premonitory occurrences in his own life, such as when he had recurring dreams of helping a man not to commit suicide (which came to pass a few years later on the Golden Gate Bridge). In another incident, just after he survived a harrowing motorcycle ride, his mother called, sharing a premonition he'd been in grave danger. Synchronicities are very widespread, though people don't always recognize them as such. He detailed an occurrence when he was having second thoughts about a move from Ohio to New York, and out of the blue, a man walked up and gave him a carved walking stick that would act to guide his way.

"We can connect in ways that go way beyond time, and place, and space, and really it's the power of love that connects us in most cases," he said, and we're much more connected than we fully realize. These synchronicities, he continued, may be a way that the "spiritual universe comes to our aid" and could serve as an example of the "one mind theory"-- that we are all part of a boundless universal mind. Regarding his work with Alzheimer's patients and people with memory loss, he advocated for treating them with enthusiasm and trying to engage them with such things as music, which can trigger more responsiveness.


Retired jet engine mechanic for the USAF, John Wilkie discovered that unusual aerial anomalies in our airspace are unseen due to the brightness of direct sunlight and smog. In the latter half, he recounted his experiences at a secretive military base in Nevada, and his subsequent UFO photography method. While with the Air Force in 1980, he was brought to a private military airport and directed to work on an engine in a hangar. At the base, he saw what appeared to be a wingless drone, as well as the testing of a laser weapon. Only later, when he saw George Knapp's TV report, did he realize that he must have been working at the legendary Area 51 base.

After being at Area 51, he said he had dreams of being taken to an underground facility for a series of strange examinations. Wilkie outlined his "solar obliteration" technique of photographing UFOs, which he developed in the 1990s. The first time, he used the awning of his house to block out the sun, and began to see odd objects in the sky. His UFO work was featured in a 'Sightings' TV segment, and he embarked on teaching others to get similar results with the method. For more, view Solar Obliteration Recordings and his UFO pics.

During the last half-hour, George featured a replay of Dr. Morgus' surprise visit from 11/11/05.

News segment guests: Mish Shedlock, Howard Bloom

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