Strengthening the Grid / Neuroscience of Spirituality

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Strengthening the Grid  / Neuroscience of Spirituality

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Historian and public speaker William R. Forstchen, PhD, specializes in topics ranging from history and cultural issues, to space technology development, and the security implications of these combined topics. In the first half, he updated the ongoing campaign to bolster energy and communications infrastructure against EMP attack, solar flares, and other disasters. Huge, damaging solar flares happen about every 150-200 years, he reported (just recently, a large coronal mass ejection- CME- was observed coming from the sun). If we were hit by a flare like the one in 1859 (known as the Carrington Event), it would be far more devastating today because of the magnitudes more technology we have.

Forstchen postulated what would happen if America was struck by an EMP (military weapon that blows out the power grid). "The first thing you're going to notice is you don't have water anymore," he warned. Further, the average community has only 20-25 days of food on hand; after that, they'd be out of luck. People will start getting sick from lack of food and medicines, as well as contaminated water, and because it takes years to replace the power grid transformers, a large percentage of the population would die within the first year, he continued. Forstchen lamented that political efforts have stalled to protect or strengthen the grid, and noted that for $20-30 billion, we could get started by updating 5-7% of the grid with high-level capabilities. For more on the issue, he recommended visiting sites such as and


Professor Todd Murphy was a member of Laurentian University Behavior Neurosciences research group. He has published in the Journal for Near-Death Studies, Psychology Reports, the journal Neuroquantology and other scientific journals. In the latter half, he discussed his extensive studies in the neuroscience of spirituality, including near-death experiences, deja vu, precognition, and healing. In detailing how deja vu works, he noted that when memories aren't linear, they're more likely to be found in the right side of the brain in the hippocampus region, and if there's a disturbance in that area in the present moment, it may make your current experience feel like a recurrence of the past.

He explained that our consciousness is an intrinsic property of a magnetic field, and intriguingly our brains have "five million magnetite crystals per gram," which points to how telepathy could work. Murphy shared a healing technique that he learned in India. You get into a trance-like state and imagine there are holes in the palms of your hand, with healing energy flowing in and out of them. He discovered that the technique is greatly enhanced when strong emotions (like grief/sadness or joy) are entered into at the same time, particularly in hands-on healing. He also talked about visualizing a presence behind you to the left and right, which can be a way to get in touch with something like your guardian angel, and animal communication methods, in which a person focuses on powerful images rather than words.

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