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In the first half, founder and director of the Palmistry Institute in Los Angeles Vernon Mahabal shared his combination of astrology and palmistry to make predictions about the United States and the world, based on repeated patterns he sees in the thousands of palms he reads. Palm reading goes far beyond the popular conception of life lines and love lines, he explained, and can tell us about world affairs, disease epidemics, and even catastrophic events like a giant asteroid heading for Earth. Despite his insight into these big-picture issues, however, the most common thing he's asked about is where people should move for their best chance at happiness.

Mahabal claimed that, consistent with the palms he's read, the prosperity Americans have enjoyed in past years has been disrupted in recent months, and a recession is looming. On a more optimistic note, the pandemic promises to fizzle out within the next year. Though he noted that astrologically speaking, Russia could go to war with other major military powers over its invasion of Ukraine, it's even more likely that Pakistan and India would draw superpower countries into an escalating conflict between themselves.


During Open Lines in the latter half, Barry in Kentucky told a story related to his late mother's love of the movie Gone with the Wind. One day while in a shopping mall, Barry explained, he happened upon a woman playing the piano for the shoppers. Although he passed the woman without much thought, something told him to go back to her. When he did, she began playing the theme from Gone with the Wind. The next song she played, bringing Barry to tears: I'll Be Seeing You (In All the Old Familiar Places).

Roxy in Arizona shared how Coast to Coast inspired her current success. In 2008, she called the show's Open Lines to speak to guest host Ian Punnett about chemtrails. Their conversation went so well that Ian encouraged her to get her own website, which she did. The site turned into a podcast, and today Roxy enjoys a new "career" investigating topics that interest her and sharing them with the world.

Calling from Florida, Gordon talked about the work he's doing on his Contract with America Part 2. The project's focus, which Gordon criticized both major American political parties for neglecting, is to sound the alarm about the state of the power grid in the United States. At the urging of those in his religious circle, he said, he promised to deliver his information with courtesy and humility.

In the show's final half hour, George played a recording of past guest Larry Arnold's discussion of spontaneous human combustion.

News segment guests: Kevin Randle / Sandra Champlain


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