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Author Jim Harold has been collecting real-life spooky tales for years. He has compiled them in his True Ghost Stories book series as well as explored them on his paranormal podcasts. Harold joined guest host Richard Syrett (Twitter) to discuss the latest ghost tales he has uncovered from the paranormal world.

Harold recounted the story of Sue in Vermont who was apparently rescued by a ghost mechanic. According to Harold, Sue was taking evening classes an hour from her home when her car had a mechanical issue forcing her to pull over. She saw lights in the distance, headed off for help, and soon made it to a gas station where an attendant told her they were about to close. The owner offered to tow her car 40 miles to an auto repair shop she used and then took her home. For his efforts Sue gave the man a check. One day Sue was driving past the same gas station where she found help but it was boarded up and appeared to have been abandoned for years. To her knowledge no one ever cashed the check, Harold revealed.

Harold conveyed a story told to him by Rev. Gerald S. Hunter, author of Haunted Michigan. While Hunter was making his way through school he worked the late shift at a juvenile detention facility. One night after he and other two staff members finished their duties they sat in a monitoring room where they could hear audio from every dormitory room in the facility. The staff was perplexed to hear a 15 year old talking to someone who was responding back in what Hunter described as an older man's voice. "The old man's voice was urging the younger voice into criminal activity," Harold said. Hunter peered into the boy's room and saw he was in a trance and the voices were coming from him. "Both voices came from him at the same time talking over one another," Harold disclosed. An employee in charge of the female juvenile inmates experienced the same thing with a young woman at the center. It never happened again, Harold reported.


Open Lines followed in the latter half of the program. Charlen from Pico Rivera, California shared a bizarre experience she had some years ago while sitting in the lounge with the teaching staff of a preschool. "All of a sudden out of nowhere was a very thunderously loud crash of glass," she recalled, noting everyone went off to investigate the source of the noise but found nothing that could have made such a racket. According to Charlen, the children were still napping in their classrooms and their teachers reported hearing no such sound. "It seemed to be contained in that room where we were," she explained, adding it should have awakened the sleeping children.

Ralph in Louisiana phoned in with his own paranormal tale. He claimed to reside in a haunted house built over a Native American mound in the vicinity of a portal. According to Ralph, his wife died while using their computer and he found her about five hours after she had passed away. "When she died the computer acted stupid for two months, telephones calling each other," he reported. Every year around the anniversary of her death she lets him know she is still around by messing with electronics or moving things, Ralph revealed, noting how knowledge of her life after death is comforting. "I know it's her," he added.

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