Guardians of the Looking Glass / Finnish Occultism

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Guardians of the Looking Glass / Finnish Occultism

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Frank Jacob is an independent filmmaker with a new six-hour webinar series on Project Looking Glass called A Tale of Two Timelines. He joined guest host Richard Syrett (Twitter) to discuss Project Looking Glass, time technology, and how a group of whistleblowers called Guardians of the Looking Glass has come out in the last few years with some interesting communications online about Looking Glass technology and how it's being used to manipulate timelines.

Jacob traced the Looking Glass technology to a series of sealed cylinders from ancient Sumeria. "The technology itself is not really Sumerian technology, it seems to be off-world or off-planet technology," he explained, noting the technology was placed here to assist humankind. It's a passive technology that allows one to see future events in order to avert negative outcomes, Jacob added. He also reported on naturally- and artificially-occurring star gates which have been used by various ET species to travel into our dimension.

According to Jacob, the Looking Glass technology is in the hands of a small group within the US military. "It's still in possession of a certain clique, a certain elite, that are using it or that are preventing others from using it in order to maintain the timelines... in the direction they would like to see them go," he revealed. Jacob spoke about the J-Rods, ETs that are actually humans from the future, and a war between fractioning P-52s. One group from the future is trying to maintain their future, the other is trying to alter their timeline, he disclosed. "The timeline that we're in right now, the consensus timeline, is the timeline that is leading us to a kind of transhumanist future — a future that is dominated by artificial intelligence, a future where... we're going to have limited resources," he said.


In the latter half of the program, author Vesa Iitti examined the significant figures and groups of Finland's occult world from the late 19th century to the present day. Finland has long been viewed as the land of sorcerers and shamans. Exploring the rich history of Finnish occultism, Iitti discussed both the light and dark sides of modern esotericism in Finland, with its unique position as partially European and partially Russian, Finland’s occult influence extends into the very heart of left-hand and right-hand occult groups, and secret societies around the world.

Iitti described the difference between occultism, which refers to hidden or secret knowledge, and esotericism, which pertains to hidden knowledge of a deeper universe. He talked about theosophy which is a kind of esotericism involving an ancient brotherhood, knowledge of God, karma, and reincarnation. Iitti spoke about Pekka Ervast, founder of the Finnish Theosophical society, and the important role he played bringing theosophy to Finland, as well as Aino Kassinen, who was known in her time as Finland's national clairvoyant.

Iitti also reported on cult activity at a spring where a severed hand was discovered in 1930. A year later, more body parts were found at the spring, he revealed. "There was clearly some odd ritual activity at this spring," Iitti said, noting the body parts came from unburied corpses from a nearby cemetery. The group thought that placing body parts in the spring would cause a treasure to rise to the surface, he explained. They also used the body parts in conjunction with two grimoires, The Sixth and Seventh Books of Moses (aka The Black Bible) to cast spells against right-leaning politicians, Iitti added.

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