Anomalous Objects / Akashic Record

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Anomalous Objects / Akashic Record

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UFO researcher Mary Joyce's new book is packed with visual evidence of secrets and cover-ups discovered on Mars, the Moon, in Antarctica, on ocean floors, on NASA space missions, and around our sun. She joined guest host Richard Syrett (Twitter) to discuss the extraordinarily detailed images featured in her book, and how it soon became clear she was discovering secrets that the United States government did not want the public to know (related images). Joyce recommended going straight to the source — Google Earth — for the images she displays as examples of anomalous objects. "Anybody who's listening can get this... and discover these things for themselves," she said.

In 2013, Joyce connected with a man in the Netherlands who claimed to have found UFOs in original NASA SOHO images of the sun. The objects around the sun are bigger than the planet Jupiter, she disclosed. "The humongous UFOs that have been found around the sun are because of him — they haven't been published anywhere else before and the detail is astounding," Joyce noted. She also talked about a purported disc-shaped object that crashed on the surface of Mars. The skid mark is approximately 4,400 feet in length, and the object itself is 400 feet across, Joyce revealed. In her book, Spy in the Sky, Joyce presents visual evidence for two other UFOs on the surface of the Red Planet.


During the latter half of the program, Shamanic guide Adam Gell discussed the Akashic record and shared his journey and exploration into his own ancestry through the Akashic records and past life regressions, where he learned that his present medical condition and his distaste for striped clothing was related to his time as a doctor in a concentration camp during the Holocaust. Gell described the Akashic record as a vibrational library of each person’s words, deeds, and actions that is located in the fifth dimension. In the Bible, it is referred to as the Book of Life, he noted. "We're constantly in contact with it," Gell said, revealing his special ability to read the Akashic record for other people.

"I'm reading this imprint on the Akasha of a person's particular life, whether it be a past life, the present life, or future possibilities," Gell explained. To some extent, we do have free will, but things are written, he added. According to Gell, we can create the future through subtle shifts in the present moment. These future possibilities are also in the Akashic record. Gell revealed how he accesses information through his 8th chakra, located twelve inches above the crown of the head. The recitation of a specific prayer opens the energy channel to the Akashic record and the masters/teachers for the person for whom he is doing a reading, he reported. Gell pointed out one must be in a relaxed state so the heart chakra can be open to receiving. "When you're open to receive then anyone is capable of doing this," he admitted.

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