Anxiety & Depression / Alien Time Travelers

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Anxiety & Depression / Alien Time Travelers

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For over 40 years, author and psychologist Faust Ruggiero has helped people overcome mental health challenges. In the first half, he discussed the rise in cases of anxiety and depression and how he helps treat people with these conditions. A recent report indicated that depression is not caused by a chemical imbalance, and Ruggiero concurs, suggesting that instead, people may be experiencing an internal imbalance. He teaches people to achieve balance between four human attributes-- physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual. Among his recommendations are taking care of the body through exercise and getting enough sleep, not overloading the brain with stimuli, and connecting with the deeper part of oneself.

Expressions of anger and people acting out toward others are on the increase, he stated. Further, many people energize themselves with caffeine products during the day, and then wind down with marijuana or alcohol in the evenings. "That cycle just repeats...taking the nervous system up and down. It's a prescription for anxiety," he remarked. Ruggiero advocates working through such issues as anxiety and depression through talk therapy. He was critical of how the advertising of mental health pharmaceuticals has oriented patients toward the idea of a quick fix-- and yet these medications often don't work long-term, may have side effects, or are difficult to wean off of, he pointed out.


Dr. Michael P. Masters is a professor of biological anthropology at Montana Tech in Butte, Montana. In the latter half, he outlined why he believes that UFOs and "aliens" are our future human descendants, coming back through time to visit and study their own hominin evolutionary past. Looking at evolutionary trends of our cranial-facial anatomy, he pointed out that humans may eventually look like aliens such as the Greys. In his latest work, he looked at patterns in contactee and abductee reports, and how they correlate with his time travel model.

Many abductees have witnessed a hybridization program involving the aliens, and "if we are able to hybridize with them, it indicates we are the same species," he commented. Perhaps, they are conducting the hybridization due to mistakes in their genetic editing, he speculated. UFOs seem to demonstrate the ability to manipulate time-space, and in the case of Corp. Armando Valdes in Chile, he vanished in front of a craft, and then returned with a heavy beard growth though to his fellow soldiers, he was only gone for 15 minutes. Masters explained how time travel could be possible according to the block universe theory, which posits that we are part of a giant four-dimensional space-time block where everything that has ever happened or will happen already exists.

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