Rewiring the Brain / Symbol of the Serpent

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Rewiring the Brain / Symbol of the Serpent

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A dedicated meditator for over forty years, Joseph Selbie is known for creating a bridge between the modern discoveries of science and the ancient knowledge of mystics. In the first half, he discussed current neuroscientific understanding of the brain's influence on our thoughts and behavior, and how neuroplasticity offers the innate ability to rewire the brain for any new purpose-- from the material to the mystical. From the cosmological M-theory, we get the idea that our universe may be a holographic projection, and this matches with spiritual teachings about astral and luminous realms that gave rise to the Earth, he noted. M-theory could be applied to humans as well-- that we are also holographic projections and that mystical wisdom exists outside the physical brain.

"All of us have the potential to be aware beyond the limits of the physical human body and brain," he continued, and we are heirs to a greater "superconscious." Meditation is the key to rewiring your brain for superconscious experiences, he suggested. Specifically, Selbie recommended the meditation practice known as the Hong-Sau technique, which works with breath and a mantra. We can create new neural circuits in the brain, and by quieting the mind, you can start to experience things that are beyond the physical, he said. A single neuron in the brain can grow as many as 10,000 dendrites, which can be thought of as connections, he added.


Author and former practicing attorney David Brody began looking for evidence to confirm the legends of Atlantis, which led him to research the ancient historical evidence for pre-Columbian exploration of North America. In the latter half, he talked about the symbolism of the serpent and snake worship going back to the ancient world. Brody noted that some believe that serpent DNA runs through the veins of all humans, due to the visitation of ancient serpent-like aliens. The Sumerians described visitations from the Anunnaki, and in the Bible, offspring of humans and angels/aliens were called the Nephilim. A statue from 450 BC in Mesopotamia depicted one of the gods they worshiped with a human body and the head of a snake. "What better way to illustrate this whole concept of alien serpents mating with human women?" he remarked.

There is a tendency of cultures to imitate their gods, and that's perhaps why some ancient groups deformed children's skulls to elongate them and make them look more serpent-like, he postulated. The American Medical Association features the snake on its logo as a symbol for wisdom, but some also see the snake as a symbol of Satan, connected to the story of Adam & Eve. During the Middle Ages, the Templars went to the Middle East and came back with knowledge the Church didn't want shared, Brody continued, including the connection between humankind and an ancient reptilian race. They had a secret seal called Abraxas that represented the union of man and reptile. He also touched on the legend of Lilith, said to be Adam's first wife, and how she is connected to serpent lore.

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