Mysterious Tech of Ancient Structures / Open Lines

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Mysterious Tech of Ancient Structures / Open Lines

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In the first half, author and researcher Nick Redfern discussed the questions surrounding the construction of mysterious sites like the Egyptian pyramids, Stonehenge, the statues at Easter Island, and other landmarks. We know very little about how these unusual places were built—or by whom, Redfern argued. The long distances the materials had to have been transported, not to mention the massive force needed to lay them into place, points to a near-impossible feat for the ancient peoples living nearby. Redfern proposed that audio waves and anti-gravity may have been the answer. Through acoustic levitation, opposing sound waves create physical space that would allow for the huge blocks of stone to be manipulated.

Another possibility, Redfern continued, is that these sites weren't constructed by humans at all, but are the work of ancient aliens. At any rate, many of the answers to this mystery seem to be intentionally hidden, forcing us to make our most educated guesses about the origins these most intriguing places.


During Open Lines in the latter half of the show, Charlynne called from California to tell George about her quest to find a bag belonging to a friend who had passed away. George recommended that she enlist the services of a psychic, either in her area or from those listed on the Coast website as previous guests of the program. Tim, a listener in Nevada, explained that he finds it impossible to believe any visual evidence of the paranormal, because of the increasing prevalence of doctored photos and deepfake videos.

Norm in Missouri related the story of his parents being visited by a "huge" angel one night in their bedroom. In a separate incident years ago, he went on, an angel deflected a bullet intended for him, causing it to stop just inches away from his chest in a door jamb. He also pointed out that it could have been angels, as opposed to aliens, who moved the stones to build ancient sites, given their immense strength and power.

News segment guests: Cal Orey, Kevin Randle

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